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The Perfect Mai Tai

The perfect spring or summer drink. Tried and tested for over 12 years now and always a crowd favourite!
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05 Aug 2008
Reviewed by: CookingGirl
This is good stuff. I made it for my dad's retirement party that was jimmy buffett themed & i think even jimmy would agree it was delicious! wouldn't change a thing.. ps to below asking was simple syrup is: Simple syrup, or sugar syrup, is very easy to make and is used in many cocktails such as Jell-O Shots, Daiquiris and Hurricanes to add volume and sweetness. With this recipe you can make as small or as large a batch as you wish and store it in the refrigerator in a well sealed bottle indefinitely. Ingredients: 2 parts sugar 1 part water Preparation: Bring the water to a boil. Dissolve the sugar into the boiling water. Once the sugar is dissolved completely, remove the pan from the heat. Allow to cool completely and bottle.
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26 May 2006
Reviewed by: csr12621
I sure hope more than 4 people have tried this recipe for the perfect mai tai, because that's exactly what it is, simply PERFECT. This is absolutely a crowd pleaser...I mean no one walks away after having made this for them without begging and pleading for this recipe and amazing their friends with it too. Try it, I promise you'll like it. No substitutions needed. This one by far is my absolute favorite mixed drink home or at restaurants.
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16 Apr 2008
Reviewed by: R0BLARSON1984
Amazing find. Alcohol is well hidden in amazing combination that creates a bright, smooth drink. To keep things sweet, I used a combination of regular limes and key limes for the juice - just juiced 5 regular limes, then over a dozen key limes to get an equal amount of juice. For the orange liqueur, I used about 3 shots of Grand Marnier, then filled up the rest of the cup with cheap BOLS triple sec. For the OJ, I used store-bought "not from concentrate" orange juice to save time. The almond syrup really added a unique twist taste, and should not be missed. Also, to save money and make sure it was not too strong, I followed the suggestions of others and replaced the 151 proof rum with a combo of the light and dark. Tasted amazing the first day, lost a bit of it's bright, fruity taste the next day; so I'd suggest you avoid storing it.
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24 Jun 2006
Reviewed by: William
Equal out the portions of Light & Dark rums - drop the 151 rum (unless you're going to 'float' it) and lose the orange juice - they you have a REAL Mai Tai! By the way, the Almond syrup is Orgeat and is available from many sources online.
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08 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: MANDI
ooohh be careful with this one! Mai Tais are the one drink that really creep up on you. I served 2 pitchers at a 4th of July grill and everyone was silly drunk. Per other peoples suggestions, I used half the syrups, and eliminated the 151 rum. Really not necessary. I also added a little pineapple juice. They were really sweet drinks, but rum had a real strong punch. The sweetness wasnt too sweet, and perfectly masked the booze, so we drank these things like water and next thing you know... well it was a great party. Also: dont ever bother buying the pre made bottles of simple syrup. All it consists of is equal parts sugar and water. Boil 1 cup water then add 1 cup sugar. I love this recipe!!!
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11 May 2008
Reviewed by: 2BCREATIVE
This was a HUGE hit at my reception. There was not one drop left. As others have stated I omitted the 151 and used 2 cups light and 2 cups dark rum, Triple sec for the orange curacao, Ameretto, lime cordial, simple syrup, and bottled orange juice. Mixed all in a punch bowl and chilled for a few hours. Definitely a winner!!
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07 Apr 2008
Reviewed by: TINALLLL
Made a batch of these this weekend and loved them. I used Cointreau in place of the curacao. You can find Orgeat syrup (almond)at most coffee houses ie; Zaks or cowboy coffee. It is made by Torani. And for the lady who thought it was a lot of work squeezing all those limes, just replace it with lime cordial (its about an 1/8 of a cup per lime. With all these ingredients you can't tell the difference at all. We drink it with different blends of juices, pineapple, mango, orange ect. they all taste really good. Cheers!
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10 Jun 2008
Reviewed by: KATYPI
This was a very nice cocktail and so festive looking; looks are deceiving though--it will kick your butt if you're not paying attention to how much you're consuming! As others, I did not use the 151 proof, and just divided equally between the dark and light rum. One cup of the almond flavored syrup was overpowering; next time I will cut back to 1/2 cup, sample the drink, and then increase the amount if needed. Same goes for the simple syrup. (I think I just have sour tastebuds.) We will be enjoying again! Thank you.
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27 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: FROZENHAN
how long do you think this would keep in the fridge?
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03 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: sd061507
I actually give it 4 1/2 starts. These were tasty but yes, they are strong! And I didn't even use the 151 because I was out. Instead I took the advise of other reviewers and just used an extra 1/2 cup each the light and dark rums. To the reviewer that said this is not a 'real' Mai Tai', actually it is. Or at least it's close. The Mai Tai was originally invented by Victor Bergeron of Trader Vic's and consisted of rum, orgeat (almond syrup), orange curacao, fresh lime and rock candy syrup (simple syrup). The difference with this recipe is the orange juice. Although I personally like the fruity Hawaiian versions with pineapple juice better, this recipe is closer to the real thing then they are. For a twist, next time I might try using 4 cups of OJ and 4 cups pineapple juice. Thanks for the recipe!
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