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Gluten free chocolate cake

A very good high protein alternative to flourless chocolate cake. Give it a try!
Reviews (787)

10 Dec 2009
BBbaker said:
Something else. Ranya, The recipe is perfectly safe for coeliacs. It tells you to grease, line and grease the tin not to add flour. It also specifies gluten free baking powder.
11 Jan 2011
irishfancy said:
Made this cake yesterday and with two teenage boys who wouldn't dream of eating chickpeas, there are only two pieces left. It's really good and you don't taste the chickpeas as such.
14 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: moorpatch
This recipe is excellent. It is very easy to make and reminds me of chocolate brownies with a similar density and also quite moist. I added a half teaspoon of vanilla essence to the cake mix and topped the finished product with a vegan cheese frosting.
12 Oct 2009
Ranya said:
Made it healthier. I actually made it gluten free
27 Jan 2011
pop said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Half the ingrediants
17 Apr 2009
Reviewed by: cinnamon0683
This really reminded me of chocolate brownies although without the gooeyness. This recipe is really easy to make and everyone who tried it liked it and was surprised to hear it had chick peas in it.
24 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: h3559
12 Oct 2009
Ranya said:
Hi, i was researching to find gluten free recipes for school catering courses, and by the way this one isnt quite gluten free. I am glad i did not cook this and give it to a celiac as you tell the cook to grease and FLOUR a tin. You also dont tell the person that the baking powder has to be gluten free. I am sure that alot of people who have no idea how to cook a gluten free cake would use this just like i wanted to to cook a cake for a friend. I dread to think what would have happened if i had given it to her. You really need to add my suggestions otherwise people who dont know alot about celeacs may end up giving one this cake, thinking its safe.
06 Jul 2012
Reviewed by: JulieMD
What a fab receipe with so few ingredients. It was so easy and quick that even with 2 toddlers running about I managed to make a cake. I made this for hubby who is a Coeliac and I think I have eaten more of this cake than him! We are def going to make another batch very soon.
22 Sep 2012
Reviewed by: vegemite1
Made this yesterday, New Zealand and it was great, moist and yummy. Used instead almond meal and turned out great and took 45mins, but just keep checking so as not to over cook.


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