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Chicken or turkey crepes with tarragon

I've made these for years, and it's a great way to use leftover chicken or turkey! If you're not in the mood for tarragon, just use your favourite spices! Prepare a basic crepe recipe in advance. Crepes can be made and frozen up to several weeks ahead of time.
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04 Nov 2008
Reviewed by: Debi
This is my second review of this dish. The taste is good but the quantities are off. The filling is not enough for more than 6-7 crepes. I made it today again with 3 boneless chicken breas.ts I boiled the chicken breasts, added garlic salt and chicken bouillon to the water. I then used the cooking water for my broth. I left out the tarragon, added 1/4 tsp rosemary and 1/4 tsp thyme, 1/8 tsp fresh black pepper and it made 6 nice sized crepes. There is plenty of sauce. So, if you are looking to make 12 crepes use more chicken I love this recipe it is delicious and versatile.
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30 Sep 2005
Reviewed by: yellowjacket
I've made this a few times and always get compliments when I make it. I use a little more tarragon than the recipe calls for, and I use egg substitute in place of the egg yolks. Great flavor!
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15 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: littlehemmy
This came out quite well- although I recommend adding a lot more tarragon- maybe twice the amount, plus dashes of salt and pepper and onion powder. We love onions here so I used about 1/2 cup of finely diced onions. I also ended up baking the dish for 30 minutes (that's when it got nice and bubbly). Even though it was a lot of work, I really enjoyed putting a different kind of dish on the table, and everyone liked it alot. I served it with green beans almondine on the side. Enjoy!
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04 Sep 2005
Reviewed by: SHODGIN
I'm not sure why the recipe showed 3 Crepes Recipes... I think maybe two (16 crepes) with the rest of the ingredients are plenty! Just my nickels worth! Thanks for trying it!
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12 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: jab
I made these using the leftovers from our Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. I used poultry seasoning instead of the tarragon and mixed in my cranberry, apple, sausage stuffing with the turkey and cream sauce. I served it with cranberry sauce. Ding, ding, ding! We got a winner.
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15 Jul 2008
My family enjoyed these for Bastille Day, I followed some of the other suggestions and doubled the Tarragon in the sauce and added a pinch of salt. We used left over chicken and the flavor was very nice with some depth and silky smooth rich. I served this along with French Onion Soup.
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31 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: Kristin DeLooff
really tasty and relatively easy, although next time I will make the crepes in advance, and I will shred the chicken instead of cubing it. Yum!
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05 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: Caryn
The tarragon taste in this was superb, after doubling the quantity of tarragon. We loved the sauce. Used pre-made buckwheat crepes and can't say we loved them. Would make again and serve over rice or egg noodles.
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22 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: Ardys
good but not great, somehow. My first attempt at a main course crepe recipe though.
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31 May 2011
Reviewed by: RoyMacGregor
delicious! Added sliced mushrooms
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