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Spicy banana curry

This recipe finds its harmony in the way the bold, bursting flavour of curry interacts with the soft sweetness of bananas and smooth yoghurt. The amounts of the different spices in the powder mixture are meant to be guidelines - have fun experimenting with your own intuitive combinations. Serve with basmati rice.
Reviews (11)

09 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: RiaLake
Unusual curry sauce which I made to use up a surfeit of bananas. I didn't have any tumeric or cumin (which I'm not keen on) so substituted more curry powder. Definitely one to experiment with as suggested.
24 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: Selie
A pretty decent starting point. I had to halve the recipe because it makes a whole lot (it still made a lot, even halved) and used canned tomatoes instead of diced fresh. The end result was hot but not as flavorful as I'd like. I tried to tweak the spices to suit my taste a little more, but something seems missing... the idea of a banana curry recipe is good, but I'm not quite sure this is the one.
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24 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: samanthapayntr
try adding garam masala and cayenne pepper, mmmmm. Super yummy! i used raisins instead of coconut and used a whole banana, i served it on top of oatmeal for a slap in the face breakfast. And i made it for one, but was able to get 2 servings out of it, woot, woot!
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02 Jun 2009
Reviewed by: bigrandy
dis is the shizzle biscuit .
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28 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: Matthew Perrett
Very good! I replaced the yogurt with coconut milk, used tomato sauce instead of chopped tomatoes, added broccoli and shrimp, and halved most of the spices (1/2 cup of curry powder plus 4 teaspoon of turmeric would have been way too much.) It ended up being a great, creamy sauce that went wonderfully on red rice. I also took the advice of another review and halved the whole recipe (2 servings instead of 4,) which was spot on.
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07 Jul 2013
Reviewed by: kwatson242
This is absolutely delicious, but it lacks texture. I like my curries over rice, so I did the same thing as another reviewer and added a can of coconut milk and served it over some rice. Even then, it still needs a little something. Next time, I am going to try adding some tofu or chicken for a little more textural interest.
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28 Jan 2018
Reviewed by: Donald Davis
Halved the recipe per guidance in the comments. Also didn't add any salt, but the spice amounts in this recipe were already a little too much, so we went easy on those too. I forgot that I was out of turmeric, so that was lame, but this still turned out to be delicious. I would definitely do a half-batch unless you have a lot of mouths to feed.
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24 Oct 2016
Reviewed by: Pascal Feldmann
Half a cup of curry powder is excessive, I think its a mistake in the receipe. I used 1 tablespoon instead. I added chicken and used only half the curry paste and it was still spicy. It was a little bitter because of the ammount of cumin. So I would also recommend half of the ammount in the receipe. Its a very good idea of a receipe.
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02 Sep 2014
Reviewed by: Jessica.nemec
This is phenomenal! I tried it out because of how weird it sounded, and am so glad I did. I tasted the sauce pre-banana and was a bit worried, but the banana balances everything out beautifully. Also, my boyfriend can't have onions, but the omission of those did not adversely affect anything. Great recipe!
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27 Jul 2014
Reviewed by: mrs. kosmos
I halved the recipe and it still made about 6 servings (I served over rice). I subbed coconut oil for sunflower and coconut milk for yogurt. I think this recipe has a lot of potential to be a 5 star recipe, it just needs a few tweaks. Next time, I will try using coconut milk and yogurt like a couple of the other reviewers did... and possibly less curry paste and some garam masala in its place.
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