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Ria's Welsh cawl

"Cystal yfed o'r cawl â bwyta's cig" - It is as good to drink the broth as to eat the meat --Cattwg the Wise. Cawl (pronounced 'cowl') is just like any other old farmhouse soup or stew. We pick up whatever is in season, chuck it in a pot and boil it for a day, then guzzle it up the next day and moan about how much our belly aches afterwards.
Reviews (7)

18 Nov 2009
riallews said:
Something else. Every welsh cook has their own cawl, but this is my preference. I believe it is absolutely essential to make this a day ahead, and eat it the next day, when it is thicker and all the flavours have matured. But if you like a brothy soup, it's very nice on the day it's made also. Add, swap and change ingredients as you see fit.
28 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: erimousch
Really loved this cawl. I made it to the letter and used lamb neck. I tried it the next day and agree with riallews - it does taste better! Nice for freezing, too.
14 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: Awhite004
I made it with some nice lamb chops from the butcher, went down a treat. Definitely recommend cooking it the day before you plan to eat it.
10 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: CocklepickerKath
Lush. Just how I remembered it from childhood. Thanks for sharing
01 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: CherylLewisAltfeder
I used a pressure cooker to cook the lamb steaks in vegetables broth for 15 minutes really shortens cook time then I added the leeks carrots celery and garlic because I had these on hand. Delish
21 Apr 2013
Reviewed by: JoeyFrancine
It pains me to admit this! I am considered a good cook and have made my own recipe of lamb Cawl for the last 20 years......this one is beyond superior! Totally delicious! Thank you! I have saved it!
25 Feb 2013
This recipe is awesome! I cooked it for the Italy v Wales game on Saturday for 12 guests. Cooked it on Friday to eat on Saturday. Every dish was clean and guests were looking for more. This is now in my 'all time great recipe' list. Thank you Ria.


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