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Fluffy pancakes

Tall and fluffy. These pancakes are just right. Topped with strawberries and cream, they are impossible to resist.
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06 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: samanthatotalyrules
I loved this recipe! It was super easy and the pancakes turned out nice and fluffy, I couldn't taste the vinegar in it at all, they are much better than the packet bought pancakes and easy to whip up! Definately would make these again. I have posted a few picture of how mine turned out in a blog post
06 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: lillykochan
Great recipe
27 Feb 2016
Reviewed by: MishalYounis
They were soo good everyone loved them pair them with nutella and they taste like heaven *_*
21 Feb 2016
Reviewed by: seanchristou
I thought this recipe is pretty good in comparison to many others I've tried on bbc good food and on this website. Adding Vinegar I thought was strange but did make a positive difference. a realistic rate of 7.5/10. It gave a great colour and tasted pretty good overall.
08 Feb 2016
Reviewed by: SunnyS
30 Jan 2016
Reviewed by: MummyChan
Wow! This is one to keep; fluffy and with a really good flavour. My family has usually eaten these before I've finished making them. I used slightly less vinegar (cider vinegar is all I had and it worked well), and a touch of vanilla.
12 Nov 2015
Reviewed by: babs80
Used some lemon juice instead of vinegar.Great recipe,kids couldn't have enough!
19 Jul 2015
Reviewed by: alekzzz
This recipe is so good I'm making a second batch right now! I used lime juice to sour the milk instead of vinegar and that worked very well.
05 Jul 2015
Reviewed by: mattpalmer79
Finally managed to make pancakes I am happy with! Exchanged Milk for Buttermilk and adjusted quantities to match the 284ml pot of Buttermilk. So: 284ml Buttermilk 198g Flour 3 Tablespoons Caster Sugar 1½ Teaspoons Baking Powder 1 Teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda ½ Teaspoon Salt 2 Small Eggs 47g Butter The batter was left to rest while the frying pan was warmed and thickened to the consistency angel delight. I coated the hot frying pan with a small amount of butter using a silicon pastry brush. I'm yet to master setting the temperature of the pan and cooking time - but results were still good. Keeping the blobs of batter small so the pancake didn't exceed the size of my turner/spatula was also helpful.
09 Jun 2015
Reviewed by: AmalieFaber
Covered in maple syrup, these pancakes are divine. I ate all four servings myself.


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