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Herb-roasted chicken breasts

Chicken breasts basted with a medley of herbs. Can also be made with skinless, boneless meat.
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24 Oct 2003
Reviewed by: Arizona Desert Flower
This is probably the best basic chicken recipe I have ever tried. If you don't have all the dried spices it calls for, reach over to that spice rack and substitute! I've used all sorts of herbs from my spice rack and everytime the end product is wonderful. It works equally well with bonelss skinless breasts.
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26 Jan 2004
Reviewed by: DALLIMOMMA
I made this chicken this weekend and my daughter said it should be called "Kick-butt" chicken. My family loved it. I put the chicken and the sauce in a plastic bag and left it in the fridge all day and baked it that evening. I did baste it and that kept it very moist. I would recommend using chicken with skin on (even though I usually don't bake with the skin on) because the pieces with skin on seemed moister than the pieces without. I didn't have any hot sauce and it was still great. So were the leftovers. Oh, and I took the cover off the last 15 or 20 minutes and it was an appetizing golden brown color. Excellent.
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29 Mar 2004
Reviewed by: RogueOnion8
Amazing! I have made this many times and really look forward to it. I always make the following tweaks: Double the marinade, use 1 teaspoon of Aleppo pepper instead of the hot sauce, cook for 45 minutes and baste every 15 minutes and add 1 cup of chicken broth.
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12 Jun 2004
Reviewed by: Angela Sullivan
An easy, delicious recipe. Even my picky eaters love it so I make this often. This smells so good when it's cooking. I omit the hot sauce and substitute dried parsley for fresh. I frequently make this with boneless, skinless chicken cooking it at 375 degrees covered for 20 minutes and then uncovered for 20 minutes. Make sure to baste occasionally. Comes out very moist and tasty.
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12 Aug 2012
Reviewed by: naples34102
Chicken roasting in the oven is inarguably one of the best aromas to hit your nose. Even two chicken breasts for Hubs and me filled the air with that mouth-watering smell. I used bone-in, skin-on breasts as the submitter recommends. There is just no comparison between them and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. You get SO much more flavor with bone-in breasts! As one reviewer suggested, don’t worry if you don’t have the exact herbs called for – substituting, mixing or matching will all result in a darned fine piece of chicken; tender, moist and flavorful. A “Sunday Dinner” type of chicken for sure! I knew that covering the chicken would not produce the deep golden brown skin I wanted so I sprinkled it with paprika before it went into the oven and uncovered it during the last fifteen minutes of roasting. They were, indeed, the color I was after with a nicely crisped skin. Chicken breasts vary greatly in size, so use the cooking time suggested as only a guide. A meat thermometer should register 160-165 degrees and the juices should run clear, not pink. This is some of the best chicken I’ve had in some time and this recipe reaffirms that bone-in, skin-on breasts are superior to boneless. I served these with Lemon Parsley Potatoes and Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes.
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12 Jan 2004
Reviewed by: TOOTSIE72
this chicken is amazing and i make this all the time, it beats any restaurant chicken there is by a long shot! add cut up potatoes and mushrooms tossed in a doubled recipe of the herb mixture. it makes a complete & tasty meal!
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03 Oct 2007
Reviewed by: CHERYLHALL64
This is SO yummy!! My whole family loved it. The 2nd time I made it I doubled the recipe and added potatoes. Perfect! I also made 5 ziplock bags with the seasoning, so now I just have to add the garlic and tabasco sauce, mix it with the oil and put it on the chicken and potatoes. Great for a night that I don't want to cook!
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06 Jan 2004
Reviewed by: destined
This is a very basic recipe. I didn't use this exact thing, although I used a couple of the ideas in the recipe to make my own chicken. I took five or six boneless chicken breasts, salted & peppered them, then placed them in a pyrex baking dish. I just sprinkled herbs over the chicken, (dried thyme, basil, a little sage & rosemary, etc.) plus fresh garlic and about a half a cup of white wine (NOT cooking wine). Chicken was EXCELLENT--you really can't go wrong when you flavor the chicken with herbs! As other reviewers have noted, this is a great one to play around with. The wine and herbs smelled divine while cooking. Fail-safe, wonderful chicken!!
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06 Jul 2002
Reviewed by: CSANDST1
This was very good. I used boneless, skinless breasts and didn't bother with basting while cooking. Also left out parsley and hot sauce as I did not have them. Will make again!
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07 Apr 2002
Reviewed by: Donna
I made this recipe for my chicken loving husband, and he loved it. I took the olive oil with the herbs, onion, and garlic and gave it a quick whiz in the blender and it made it very easy to brush over the chicken. I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and also incorporated the parsley into the recipe instead of on top. It was great, and we have made it several times since.
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