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Chicken stuffed chillies

These stuffed chillies are delicious as a main with some Mexican rice, or can even be served as a starter. Adjust the spiciness of this dish by the type of chilli you use.
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06 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: TC
These are delicious. They remind me of a similar dish I get at Season's 52. I roasted the poblano's and added a few tbls of cream cheese to the filling along with cumin, paprika, and a little fresh salsa as well.
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03 Aug 2007
Reviewed by: CLINK1833
Good flavors with this recipe - here's my tips on making this. I was a bit confused about what peppers to use because it said to fill them with only 1 T of the mixture. I ended up getting the long green mild chiles. I roasted them and after I peeled the skin realized that it was going to be pretty much impossible to slit and stuff them neatly - the roasted peppers are thin and slippery. There was also the seeds inside that I didn't feel should be left in there so I seeded them as well as skinned them. I then put the roasted pepper on a fajita size flour tortilla and proceeded with adding the mixture and wrapping like a burrito. A key flavor is the enchilada sauce, so get that has good flavors. In the larger grocery stores they usually have a good selection of specialty sauces - check those out. I used one that had roasted peppers and citrus. I used mexican Fresco cheese in the chicken mixture and then sprinkled a mexican blend of shredded cheese on top. The roasted green chiles are so delicious - I'm going to think twice about buying canned ones again!
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16 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: Karen Hintz
Fantastic! I know the recipe was talking about poblano peppers, but I can see how it could be confusing. I made it for dinner tonight and my SO said it's "fantastico! que sabor! que rico!" If you have the opportunity, roast the poblanos on the grill over a really hot fire (like just as soon as you get the coals going). The skin will blister and blacken easily. Keep turning them until you blacken them on all sides and then toss them in a doubled or tripled plastic grocery bag and tie it shut. When the chiles are cool enough to handle, the blackened skin will be easy to remove. Run the chile under cool water to wash off the last bits of skin. At this point, if you're cooking ahead, you can pat them dry and store in the fridge overnight. Take them out and let them come to room temp before stuffing. If you're the type that likes to putz with appetizers, you can do the same thing with nice big jalapenos, but you need to remove the stem end and get the seeds.Then you'll be stuffing the chiles from that end instead of cutting a slit. This is a fantastic recipe. Thanks for sharing it.
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02 May 2008
Reviewed by: Chikee
Fabulous!!! Like another reviewer, I too used poblano peppers (5) and a rotisserie chicken that was shredded and I added cumin and chile powder too. I am thinking the next time I will try a light batter to the stuffed peppers and then I'll fry them to make them more similar to a rellano. Delicious, thanks!
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20 Mar 2008
Reviewed by: br4c
I also used the store bought roasted chicken and used the leftover chicken for other dishes later. I used 4 large poblano peppers instead of the 24 small green peppers mentioned. I also removed the seeds once I split the peppers. I served with spanish rice. So easy and SO yummy. My husband claimed this was now one of his favorite dishes.
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05 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: luckyjen7
Insanely good...i used the already made roasted chicken at the market. I shredded this and it saved so much time. I also added monterey jack cheese into the filling for extra zing, and topped off each chile with fresh pico de gallo. This was extremely creative and different---I loved it!!! Thanks for the wonderful idea. I did the same thing with huge tomatoes, but liked the chile version better.
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13 Jun 2008
Reviewed by: Chelsea
I made this a few weeks ago but I am just now getting around to rating it. I made it for Bunco Night when the theme was "sweet and spicy" (this of course being the spicy, and a trifle as the sweet). I changed a few things so I dont know if without my changes if it would've been spicy. I used a pre made cajun/bbq chicken that was already very spicy. I also made enchilada sauce and kicked it up alot, too. And I topped with a peppery and hot cheese. So with all that together it made a very spicy but DELSIH dish. Ill make again!
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04 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: lisa r
very easy meal to prepare. i had a rotisserrie chicken that i used to cut down on time, also used green enchilada sauce. very good and will make again.
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30 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: kac2research
Restaurant QUALITY for sure. This was easy to make and was awesome in flavoar. I used the enchilada sauce packet as other recommend (which was cheaper) and removed all the seeds from teh peppers. IF you leave the seeds it will definitely kick up the heat. Served with sweet corn tomalito and this was superb!
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02 May 2008
Reviewed by: Michelle Bovenkamp
This turned out soupy. It TASTED good, but didn't really make a meal. It fell apart and we actually served it over tortilla chips as nachos and that was really, really good!
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