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Italian-style chocolate and hazelnut tartufo

This is my version of the delicious ice cream dessert, tartufo, which we experienced in Rome. It consists of a succulent glace cherry, encased with homemade coffee, hazelnut and chocolate ice cream, which is then rolled in grated chocolate. When served with whipped cream, it becomes a truly indulgent treat.
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28 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: naples34102
We Italians do love our gelato, Nutella and espresso, and KTPOPPY you hit the nail on the head with this! All three lovelies in one quick fix! This is as fine a gelato as any I had in Rome as well - it's just stunningly, decadently delicious! Silky smooth, mildly chocolate and boldly espresso. Unfortunately, with just hubs and me it was impractical to make the little tartufos, but they sure would make a beautiful presentation for a dinner party - particularly an Italian themed dinner! I did garnish each serving with chopped, toasted hazelnuts (we always referred to them as filberts growing up), a cherry and the shaved chocolate. Aside from being sinfully, awesomely good, this is beautiful too. I made this exactly as the recipe directs and would do so again - KT has the ingredients and proportions of them perfectly accurate. Just a thought...this is so rich and wonderful on its own, I think the frozen whipped topping would only be an unneccesary distraction. But if you must, for garnish, I would give this the real whipped cream it deserves! But only if you must...
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22 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: Angela
Okay. This is seriously the BEST gelato/ice cream that I have ever had...and I've had gelato in Italy! This was my first time ever making any kind of ice cream...the recipe was very easy to follow and came out better than I could ever imagine! I didn't make the balls, or add cherries...just made the gelato. The grated chocolate (I used milk choc) was absolutely perfect! And it has the perfect amount of coffee flavor. I used to buy gelato in the freezer section of our local grocery store and it was about $9 for a little pint...never again! You just saved me alot of money, THANK YOU!!! ***NOTE TO KTPOPPY: I would change the name to something like "Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato Truffles" so that people can find it in a search...the only way I found this was by going to the ingredient search, typing in "hazelnut" and going through a few pages. It definitely deserves to be found!
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31 May 2012
Reviewed by: No2Fauxd
KTPOPPY, I followed your instructions to make this AMAZING gelato. The cuisinart made it too soft to make tartufo so we just put it in cups and topped it with the cherries and chocolate. It was heavenly! If anyone really wants the tartufo then they might have to allow some extra time in the freezer after the gelato is made, depending on how hard their ice cream maker freezes stuff. The only ad-libs were a few toasted almonds and some heavy cream flavored with almond extract, vanilla extract, and maraschino cherry juice and white sugar whipped up to top it. There was just enough left to make one tartufo the next day, which was easy after the gelato rested in the freezer overnight. I then hid the lone tartufo in the back of the freezer so only I would know of its existence, until I greedily devoured it when no one else was around to beg for a bite. This brings out the worst in me. So FIVE stars for the recipe and only one for me.
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24 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: Christine Finnegan
OK, I didn't make the whole recipe, just the gelato part but OMG is it ever fantastic! Definately worth trying.
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11 Nov 2013
Reviewed by: Orchidluvr
This is my first review although there are many recipes here that I love and I've been using Allrecipes for years. That should tell you how much I love this gelato. The most amazing part of it is that while it doesn't really get very solid in my cheap-o Cuisinart ice cream maker, it doesn't matter. Make it a day ahead and put it in the freezer. Unlike so many other ice cream/yogurt recipes, the texture is fantastic right out of the freezer!!! To me, that is the most amazing part of this recipe and what separates it from so many others. I made the recipe as is and it's fantastic.
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27 Aug 2013
Reviewed by: Miri
This recipe is VERY good! I used 1 tbls of espresso instead of 2 and I didn't have any vanilla so I ommited that. And it was still delicious!
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07 Apr 2018
Reviewed by: Randy Ackley
This recipe is not too difficult to make and the resulting gelato has a wonderful consistency and flavor. My kids and I really liked it, except, it had much too strong of a coffee flavor. As I made it I was curious about the instant coffee, but, thought to try it out and see how it went. Well, it really is more of a coffee gelato than a chocolate hazelnut gelato. We will definitely be making it again, but, will substitute something for the coffee.
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05 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: Latebloomer
Without exception, family and friends rave about this. Serving it without fanfare, it still gets a big reaction on the first bite. I'm currently aiming to find the right amount of Stevie to replace the sugar. Tip: The only tedious part of this recipe is the egg mixture on the stove. I now do the egg mixture heating in one big batch and refrigerate for the hours recomnended or overnight. When I return to it, it's very easy to make several batches with different flavors in the (mine happens to be Cuisinart) electric ice cream maker maker. I also pour the post-heated egg mixture into ice cube trays, then freezer those in so I can pull out pre-portioned, pasteurized egg mixture.
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