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Creamy lemon chicken with pasta

This recipe takes the traditional combination of chicken, lemon and garlic, to create a delicious pasta dish. Excellent on its own or served with asparagus, a side salad or garlic bread.
Reviews (654)

21 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: byubakers
We LOVED this recipe. See my tweaks comment for how I altered it a little bit. Also, I forgot to mention in my tweak that I didn't cook the chicken in the oven. I just cut it into pieces, and poured the garlic, pepper and lemon juice over it and let it cook in a pan on th stove and left it on low after it was cooked to keep it warm and keep it soaking in the lemon juice mixture until the pasta was done.
21 Mar 2011
byubakers said:
Altered ingredient amounts. I used about half the amount of garlic it said to use (and that was even with me doubling the recipe!) because we're not big on garlic. I also used less pepper since we have kids and I was afraid it would be too peppery for them. I only used 300 ml of double cream for a double recipe (which would have called for 500) and it was still PLENTY! Also, we threw our frozen vegetables in at the very end, and just mixed it all together. I also added a little bit more lemon juice right at the end, since we like a strong lemon flavor. Everyone at our house LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this recipe! It is going on our regular rotation list!!! TRY IT!!
28 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: Emmapip
Cooked chicken on hob in chunks in pan rather than in oven to save time. Pasta tasted delicious.
12 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: sooty
02 May 2016
Reviewed by: MichaelEade
Just made this today, really nice, the amounts of garlic and pepper are a matter of opinion, i added both in fair amounts. Overall beautiful dish.
21 Nov 2017
Reviewed by: TomUk
When do you add the double cream? Did don’t say 😩
11 Nov 2015
Reviewed by: Groovyelf
Really tasty and simple to make
15 Jan 2015
Reviewed by: dastankhan78
I saw many other,Creamy Chicken Pasta recipe website but your explanation and the presentation is the best, the other day i made this recipe by seeing your blog ,it came out very well and very tasty also...After made this i plain to publish everybody it was my humble request to u all please,please,please try this and gave your feedback so i ill come to know how i make..
05 Feb 2014
Reviewed by: Manda1969
very easy! Lovely taste! Would make again
24 Nov 2008
Reviewed by: Rachel Dobbs
Ya know what bugs me? So many people down rate a recipe and post all of the alterations they made and don't even try the recipe as written and the recipe it's self gets a lower grade than it deserves! I made this recipe just as written and it was absolutely wonderful!! Delicious, perfectly balanced flavors and perhaps the idea of baking the chicken is to reduce the fat from pan cooking in oils. The idea of cooking the pasta in the chicken broth with the seasons and lemon juice is brilliant because it really holds in the flavor! Wonderful, We love it!! Not to be petty, but it's really rediculous how so many discredit a recipe they don't even truly try because they make all of the changes, they're only rating their own recipes. Kudos for sharing this recipe, it's great!! Five stars from my family.
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