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16 Apr 2011
Cricket said:
Altered ingredient amounts. I found the sauce a tiny bit tart when I first tried it so added and additional 1/2 tablespoon of sugar - took the edge off without altering the essential taste. Brilliant
25 Jan 2009
Batfloke said:
Used different ingredients. Firstly, thanks for this fantastically simple, TASTY and quick recipe! I didn't change much. I essentially tripled the amounts of the ingredients so I had more sauce (obvious) but this made the acidity more prominent so I increased the proportion of sugar in this recipe - it sorted the acidity quick as a flash. The one thing I actually changed was the sugar. I used Dark Muscovado rather than soft brown. OK, they're much the same, but the muscovado has a slightly different texture, is stickier and is an unrefined cane so is not quite as bad. Maybe a minor difference but, I think, one with a big result. The one thing I added was ground smoked paprika. I started off by matching the amount of this to the amount of mustard powder, but then ended up adding a touch more paprika than mustard. One thing I wouldn't change is the hot sauce. Tabasco is fine but I think that another pepper-based hot-sauce may well be too fiery. Again, thanks for a fantastic recipe, but as with all cooking it's personal taste, and this is mine ;-)
07 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: summerbbq
looks good, but you missed the liquid smoke which i reckon is crucial. in any case, you should try the curry barbecue sauce (or cbq) and you will never go back to ordinary barbecue again
25 May 2010
Used different ingredients. I substituted mustard powder for Chinese 5 spice, it gives a nice edge for oriental cooking xx
15 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: hlotz33
Altered amounts and added quite a bit more Worcestershire sauce. Think it would be better with some liquid smoke to mask the taste of ketchup.


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