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Veggie quinoa salad with Dijon vinaigrette

A quinoa salad recipe with loads of colourful veggies and an easy vinaigrette. Cook the quinoa with the water as you would rice (works in a rice cooker too).
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27 Feb 2013
Reviewed by: Brandon
A nice summer dish. Easy & light yet packed with protein!
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20 Feb 2013
Reviewed by: Connie
Not bad. I did not like the dressing after I made it. I added more vinegar because it was too oily. I also added a little sugar. Once I tossed it with the veggies (I used way more veggies and less quinoa) it was pretty good. Took it to a school function and a lot of people liked it, including my 14 yr old daughter. I thought it was pretty good, while not my favorite. It is healthy so I will keep the recipe for an occasional side dish.
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01 Feb 2013
Reviewed by: MamaJ
Made a few changes: omitted the olives (having falafel as well - salty enough!) and added chopped fresh cilantro and orange pepper.
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16 Sep 2012
Reviewed by: Deanna
As per other reviews, I made half the amount of quinoa, but the dressing the same amounts except only half the oil. it was extremely tasty, and the fact that it's good for you is just bonus.
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07 Jul 2012
Reviewed by: Luv2Cook
Very light and refreshing. This will become a regular at our house! I cut the quinoa to 3 cups, and I increased all the dressing ingredients by half except the oil because there was a lot of quinoa, and it would have been bland without the extra dressing. I used olive oil because we prefer its flavor, used grapes tomatoes cut in thirds, and added about 1 cup of chopped carrots. The only thing I would do different next time is to cut the quinoa to 2 cups.
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27 Jun 2012
Reviewed by: TANACO
This is the first Quinoa recipe I have ever made and I have to say it is DELICIOUS!!! Like other reveiwers, I only used half the amount of oil (just to cut out some fat) and only have the amount of quinoa, because I am the only person in my house who will likely eat this. :o) You could pretty much use any veggies you have one hand, but its the dressing that makes this salad sooooo good! Thank you for sharing
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24 Jun 2012
Reviewed by: CJS
I would've rated it higher, but there are ONLY 5 stars. Love, love, love this recipe! Since there was so much quinoa I didn't combine it with the the veggies until I served it at the table and everyone drizzled the dressing to their taste. I'll use the leftover quinoa in another recipe. I also substituted summer squash for one of the cukes.
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23 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: spiral jetty
My husband and I love this salad. We quarted the recipe but only halved the dressing.
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02 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: icook4six
LOVE the dressing (although I cut the oil in half)! Great combo of veggies & quinoa. Very quick - the hardest part is chopping the veggies. Yum. It's a keeper.
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30 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: Mrs. J
I loved this! What a fantastic way to use quinoa. I cut the quinoa and dressing in half, but not the veggies. Excellent! I will definitely make this again. Thank you!!
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