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    Whether you're after a Moroccan tagine or a South African sosatie, find loads of recipes from Africa here.

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    318 reviews

    When I made this dish I left the kitchen window open. The smell attracted several neighbours, and when my husband came in, he said that it smelled so good, he hoped it was coming from our house and not from someone else's! Serve with couscous for a hearty and delicious meal.

    Recipe by: Lisa

    364 reviews

    A hearty winter soup which gets its delicious flavour and lovely colour from a combination of ingredients: red peppers, tomatoes, peanut butter, chilli pepper and brown rice.

    Recipe by: PIETOGO

    64 reviews

    A delicious tagine recipe cooked in the slow cooker. Chicken, onions, apricots, raisins and spices are slow-cooked and then served with plain couscous. Enjoy for a wonderful lunch or dinner.

    Recipe by: Ellen R

    412 reviews

    This delightfully spicy, hearty soup is thick, delicious and nutritious, especially in winter! Makes a perfect vegan meal.

    Recipe by: Grace and Mae

    8 reviews

    Capture the atmosphere of Morocco with this filling stew of lamb, fruit and vegetables, served with fluffy couscous.

    Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

    Videos: African recipes

    • videoTitle
      Vegetarian Moroccan harira
    • videoTitle
      Roasted vegetable couscous
    • videoTitle
      Homemade harissa
    • videoTitle
      Dersa (Algerian chilli paste)
    • videoTitle
      Cornes de gazelle
    • videoTitle
      Chicken tagine with caramelised pears
    • videoTitle
      Chtitha batata (Algerian potato stew)
    • videoTitle
      Baba ghanoush
    • videoTitle
      Homemade merguez
    • videoTitle
      Moroccan preserved lemons

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