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    On a budget? Find credit-crunch defying dishes that taste anything but. We've loads of cheap eats - economical midweek suppers, cheap but impressive party food, desserts and puds, and lots more.

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    Use good quality sausages, any flavour you like! Cook them in Yorkshire pudding batter to make this traditional dish that children love. Don't forget the gravy!

    Recipe by: stablespy

    241 reviews

    A very simple microwave sponge pudding in less than 15 minutes with a texture between a sponge and a steamed pudding. Flavour it by adding raspberry jam, treacle or golden syrup to the bottom of the final bowl. Serve hot with custard.

    Recipe by: BUTTERCUP8

    29 reviews

    This is a recipe for home made play dough. It's ideal for toddlers aged 2 1/2 or 3 to have fun with. It's not for eating though.

    Recipe by: BUFFY21

    1 review

    Raw peanuts are roasted and ground with peanut oil, sugar and salt into this quick and easy homemade peanut butter that beats anything you can buy!

    Recipe by: judy2304

    275 reviews

    I make this houmous all the time. It only takes a few minutes to prepare, and it's healthier than shop-bought without the oil. Increase or decrease the ingredients as desired, especially the chillies! Serve with tortilla crisps, pitta triangles or fresh vegetables. Add more of the reserved chickpea liquid for a smoother dip.

    Recipe by: ELOVINGS

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