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Classic champagne cocktail with brandy kicker.

Recipe by: Iain

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This mulled wine recipe couldn't be easier to do. Don't bother with expensive wine - a cheap red will work beautifully and no one will ever know the difference! Start with a little sugar, then add more to taste. This recipe can be easily doubled or trebled.

Recipe by: Diana

5 reviews

This is a wonderful libation for autumn - or year round!

Recipe by: Stacia Gowens

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A little late in the year to make this with fresh berries, but it does work just as well with frozen if you have any stashed away. The colour is a really deep purple and it tastes great. This would make an ideal homemade Christmas present.

Recipe by: martin_pain

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This classic tipple is especially delicious on a hot, summer afternoon. The cucumber and mint make this drink - don't leave them out!

Recipe by: Sandy

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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary



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