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    This mulled wine recipe couldn't be easier to do. Don't bother with expensive wine - a cheap red will work beautifully and no one will ever know the difference! Start with a little sugar, then add more to taste. This recipe can be easily doubled or trebled.

    Recipe by: Diana

    7 reviews

    A great smoothie for when it is hot! You can leave it in the freezer until you need it then defrost, or put crushed ice in for a great drink.

    Recipe by: NathanBookham

    22 reviews

    This classic tipple is especially delicious on a hot, summer afternoon. The cucumber and mint make this drink - don't leave them out!

    Recipe by: Sandy

    153 reviews

    Sugar syrup is used in many cocktail and cake recipes, and is also used for making glacé fruit.

    Recipe by: Shaggy

    34 reviews

    Authentic mango margaritas make an impressive party cocktail. Or simply serve on a balmy Sunday afternoon!

    Recipe by: CEWILSON

    10 reviews

    A nice smooth Irish lady's drink with Irish cream, whisky, milk and a hint of cinnamon.

    Recipe by: Willymich Tronichols.

    15 reviews

    Just one of these will warm you up - a great drink at night if you have a sore throat.

    Recipe by: Trinka G

    3 reviews

    A recipe for festive mulled wine, perfect for Christmas by the fire. Complete with step by step photos to show you how!

    Recipe by: ivansantry

    18 reviews

    This family tradition involved all of us - even the kids. They got to help make it even if they didn't get to drink it!

    Recipe by: Lou Heavner

    17 reviews

    I live in Barcelona and was able to watch a bartender make sangria in a sangria bar one night. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!

    Recipe by: K.Borg

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