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    This is the recipe you've been looking for! It makes a perfect sesame chicken. This excellent recipe comes out perfect every time with little fuss and inexpensive ingredients you probably have on hand. This recipe is truly restaurant quality... try it, you won't be disappointed! ( The sauce recipe is courtesy of "Reykjaviky" at

    Recipe by: captbunzo

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    I discovered this recipe 15 years ago and has been enjoyed by my family ever since!

    Recipe by: CONFUDDLED

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    Spicy, crispy Indian fritters, made with onions and gram flour (a big plus for gluten-free eaters!), are the ultimate Indian comfort food snack.

    Recipe by: Pankaj

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    My favourite dish is sweet and sour pork. One day I invited a friend for dinner but she doesn't eat pork. So I I cooked Sweet and Sour Turkey instead and everybody enjoyed it. I have been cooking Sweet and Sour Turkey ever since.

    Recipe by: ah_har_ashley

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    If you want to make your own fish and chips, this beer batter recipe is essential. You can use different types of fish for this recipe - cod, pollock, haddock, snapper. Serve with hand-cut chips and mushy peas!

    Recipe by: leeanne51

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    Churros are the epitome of sweet street food treats. Make these and serve with melted chocolate for dipping, and you've got a cheap and delicious way to end a Spanish or Mexican feast.

    Recipe by: Delia

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    Surprisingly easy chicken chunks coated in a crispy batter with a 'can't believe it's that easy' sweet and sour sauce. Serve with my Easy fried rice.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    My favourite from the Chinese takeaway. I decided to see if I could make it myself and save some cash. Really easy and tastes great.

    Recipe by: MindMeSugar

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    Amazing fresh, easy prawn toast. Now you can make this delicious Chinese dim sum favourite at home.

    Recipe by: vickiwood

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    This is a great recipe for falafel. Everyone that I have made it for loves it. Delicious served with cucumber sauce in a pitta with tomatoes.

    Recipe by: Sean

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