Farro is an ancient grain that works wonders in salads, soups and more. Find easy and inventive farro recipes here.

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This simple recipe is both filling and warming. You can also make it in a pressure cooker in about 25 minutes.

Recipe by: Syd

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A deliciously fresh and healthy farro salad. Whole grain farro is cooked till tender, then combined with fresh veg and plenty of olive oil.

Recipe by: Dario

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Chewy farro combines with the typical ingredients for a Greek salad for a yummy picnic dish or packed lunch. Instead of farro you could use wholegrain spelt or wheatberries.

Recipe by: Diana

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A truly Italian autumn soup made of farro (aka pearl spelt), porcini mushrooms and chestnuts. It also calls for speck, a cured meat typical of Alto Adige and Austria. But you can easily replace it with prosciutto or bacon if you can't find it.

Recipe by: lacucinadinadia

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A warming and hearty soup that's full of flavour and really fills you up thanks to the farro, which is an ancient form of wheat. I took inspiration from an Italian recipe on this site, tweaking substantially to fit what I had to hand. The result was delicious!

Recipe by: Diana

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This delicious vegetarian salad is packed with protein, vitamins and fibre. Cooked quinoa, couscous and farro are tossed with vegetables, feta cheese and a simple lemon dressing.

Recipe by: Chrissy Gaynor

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Warm farro salad with feta cheese and delicious dark green kale is a quick and easy salad. Leftovers will be perfect for a packed lunch the next day!

Recipe by: Cris

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The nutty flavour of farro grains balances with the salty Parmesan and tart cranberries in this tasty salad. Plan ahead, as the farro needs to soak overnight. It's a lovely salad for picnics.

Recipe by: Duncan

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This recipe is a spin on a classic Italian farro and cannellini bean soup - I like to add lots of veg including courgette, carrots, celery, leeks and kale.

Recipe by: snichole

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This is a complete meal in a bowl: farro and sausage are served over a smooth vegetable soup made from butternut squash, potato and leeks. Perfect for a blustery evening!

Recipe by: tea

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