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    Find recipes to make great use out of fresh herbs, such as mint sauce and pesto. And why not try making your own spice mixes with recipes for garam masala, curry powder and taco and fajita seasoning?


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    The only recipe you need to see how to make pesto! A foolproof and classic pesto recipe made with basil, olive oil, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese.

    Recipe by: ANDERVAL

    178 reviews

    A mixture of spices and a little cornflour for thickening, that closely resembles the packaged taco spice sachets you might find in the supermarket. There is no salt in this mixture.

    Recipe by: PNCHANDRA

    10 reviews

    This classic sauce is best served with fresh fish. Make it just before you need to use it.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

    49 reviews

    This is a very tasty Indian chutney, prepared in moments in the blender. Lemon juice, coriander, green chilli, peanuts and ginger. Serve as a condiment with poppadoms.

    Recipe by: Rani

    410 reviews

    This blend is great for seasoning rice, meats, soups and stews, or anything that benefits from a spicy Creole flavour. It would also make a great gift when placed in a decorative jar with a good recipe attached.

    Recipe by: JOSLYN

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    Chimichurri sauce
    Chimichurri sauce

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