Looking to celebrate in true Scottish style? We have clapshot, clootie dumpling, shortbread, raspberry cranachan, Hogmanay steak pie and more.

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    This is a great sweet we have here in Scotland. It is a complete sugar rush. It may be too sweet for some people but I love it. Try it anyway and see what you think. Kids will love it!

    Recipe by: celticfc1888

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    This Scottish favourite is sure to please! This tastes just like the one you had as a child! Butter tablet is creamier crumbly fudge that is absolutely delicious! It may sound as though there is a lot of ingredients and you may think it might be tricky but it’s so easy and so tasty! I hope that you enjoy my recipe as much as I do! It melts in your mouth and is crumbly but not too hard at the same time, TRY IT! It’s lovely!

    Recipe by: Bethany McCarthy

    17 reviews

    My granny's clootie dumpling brought into the 21st century is no longer hours on end cooking, but just ten minutes in microwave! She makes it every year on Hogmanay.

    Recipe by: celticfc1888

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    Scottish sweet, served after meals and also made to sell at charity fayres in schools and the community.

    Recipe by: GillHelena

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    Fifty Scottish people will give 50 ways to make stovies, I think each person makes them the way they were taught as a youngster. We always had stovies made on New Year's Eve for all Hogmanay friends, neighbours and family. Still very very popular at Scottish gatherings, weddings, etc. Many families have this as a weekly meal. Nowadays, for many larger families its often made in advance, stored in the fridge in order that it can be heated in the microwave by family members as they come and go. Also great to freeze. Serve with oat cakes, heap some onto your oatcake, fantastic. I also love to have stovies on a roll, the melted butter enhances the taste enormously. Best thing is you can use mince, lamb, sausages, a mix of what you have to hand, even veg. Stovies can be made as healthy as you like, packing in veg, carrot, peas, etc., but traditionally veg is never added as you don't know who to expect at the door after midnight. A jar of beetroot was always offered though. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: debian

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    This shortbread recipe has been a Christmas favourite with my family and friends for years. The shortbread keeps very well in an airtight tin or tightly wrapped in foil.

    Recipe by: TECHIMPAIRED

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    This is a very easy and basic recipe adapted from the traditional Scottish dish. It's ideal for utilising leftovers or working from a limited kitchen.

    Recipe by: dSquib

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    This traditional Scottish boiled pudding is made with suet, currants and sultanas. Perfect Hogmanay fare.

    Recipe by: Jill Barrett

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    This is a delightful, moist moonshine cake which all my friends love. They are always very happy after eating it and are always complimenting me on its unique taste!!!

    Recipe by: Lois

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    This is a popular Scottish dessert and there are many variations and names such as Cream Crowdie. Oats are toasted, then folded into lightly sweetened whipped cream and topped off with berries and a splash of whisky. Finish your Burns supper with this delicious tradition.

    Recipe by: LYNN1979

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