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    Browse hundreds of pie and tart recipes, from a hearty cottage pie to an impressive lemon tart. Find savoury and sweet collections for all of your favourite pies and tarts, and also find recipes for pasties, quiches and homemade pastry.

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    73 reviews

    Fabulous, classic comfort food.

    Recipe by: Hel C

    7876 reviews

    This warming, comforting pie is simple to make with good-quality shop-bought pastry.

    Recipe by: Robbie Rice

    33 reviews

    This is a quick and easy favourite. You can roast whatever vegetables you like, the ones listed here are just a suggestion to get you started.

    Recipe by: Rupert Smith

    196 reviews

    This lemon tart is a lovely conclusion to an elegant dinner! I garnish slices with cream, a strawberry fan and a sprig of mint.

    Recipe by: Melissa

    7569 reviews

    This was my gran's apple pie recipe. I have never seen another apple pie quite like it. It will always be my favourite and has won me several first place prizes in local competitions. I hope this pie becomes one of your favourites as well!

    Recipe by: MOSHASMAMA

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