Portuguese recipes (56)

    Looking for authentic recipes from Portugal? Find Portuguese custard tarts, bolo lêvedo (pancakes), broa (Portuguese maize bread), caçoila (Portuguese beef) and more.

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    These are delicious, authentic Portuguese custard tarts made easy with puff pastry. A great way for using egg yolks!

    Recipe by: John J. Pacheco

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    I make this Mediterranean cod stew using salt cod that is rehydrated overnight, then cooked in milk. It's always a success and enjoyed by all who try it.

    Recipe by: Gustavo

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    Chicken rice in the oven - fast and inexpensive with a great end result!

    Recipe by: A. Duarte

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    My mum would always make this delicious, creamy rice pudding and sprinkle cinnamon on top before serving.

    Recipe by: John Pacheco

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    I use my cataplana to cook this dish, however, you can achieve the same results in a casserole dish. Wonderful and warming stew made with pork, chorizo, tomato and butter beans. Serve with crusty bread to mop up the juices.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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      Portuguese baked cod with potatoes

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