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    Preserve nutrients with a pressure cooker, and get speedy results, too. Make tender stews or bean soups (and even dessert) in a flash.

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    A warming soup for the colder weather. Delicious served with chunks of French bread, croutons or simply a roll and butter! My Scottish relatives love it!!

    Recipe by: Katie245

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    This beef stew was made for us when we were just infants; my mum used to put it in the blender for us. To this day it reminds me of home. The pressure cooker makes the meat fall-apart tender and cooks it in just 20 minutes.

    Recipe by: MISSCANADA

    3 reviews

    An easy, cheap stew that I've been making since I was a student - freezes well too. Filling, low fat and fibre-rich.

    Recipe by: sixtiesspirit

    3 reviews

    This rustic lentil stew is quick to make in the pressure cooker and richly flavoured with Spanish chorizo.

    Recipe by: Luis Luna

    97 reviews

    This is a simple but elegant dish of beetroot tossed with a garlic vinaigrette. Feel free to use more than the two cloves of garlic - I do! Serve on a bed of lettuce.

    Recipe by: MERDE60

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    This lovely stew is similar to scouse. I make it in a 7 litre pressure cooker at 11 psi though you could do it conventionally. My wife introduced me to this, though I have tweaked it and hopefully enhanced the flavour. If you make it I hope you enjoy it, you could halve the amounts if you wanted to make less. There are no onions or onion family members in this but it stands up on its own. You will have guessed by now I don't like onions. Makes life awkward. Enjoy.

    Recipe by: Dave_C

    1 review

    This all-in-one Spanish meal couldn't be easier. Use your pressure cooker for a quick meal in minutes that tastes slow-cooked!

    Recipe by: Luis Luna

    97 reviews

    A quick lentil soup with ham, fragrantly spiced with caraway and nutmeg. Tastes great the next day and freezes well too.

    Recipe by: CLAIRELLEN

    39 reviews

    Rajma is comfort food at its best. I like rajma best with simple jeera rice. When I was in university, I ate rajma at least once a week. Cheap, nutritious and comforting.

    Recipe by: SUSMITA

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    This is a traditional Jamaican dish I was taught to cook by my grandmother.

    Recipe by: sunflowerBirmingham

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