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    We have hundreds of ways with rice - from a classic risotto to quick Chinese fried rice. Find recipes for rice pudding, Thai coconut rice, Mexican rice, pilau rice and lots more.


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    A simple way to use up leftover chicken, as well as leftover rice or vegetables.

    Recipe by: APRIL42578

    57 reviews

    A simple, healthy salad that's easy to prepare. Substitute dried black beans or tinned kidney beans if you can't find tinned black beans.

    Recipe by: STACEYALISHA

    69 reviews

    Simple and tasty just like traditional rice pudding. My mum swears by this recipe and after trying many others myself, I have found this one to be my favourite.

    Recipe by: SLSmith86

    9 reviews

    This recipe is based on a traditional Caribbean favourite. It's made with black-eyed beans or red kidney beans, which are called peas in Jamaica – hence the name of the dish. Red pepper has been added for extra vegetable content and a small amount of lean, smoked bacon lifts the flavour.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

    78 reviews

    Fabulous chocolate rice crispy cakes are not hard to make, and this recipe is as foolproof as it is delicious. Kids will love these as afterschool snacks, and they sell out at cake sales!

    Recipe by: Geurin family

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      Brazilian Christmas rice
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      Mushroom, courgette and bacon risotto
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      Sticky sushi rice
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      Spicy tuna rolls
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      Spanish rice pudding
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      Classic seafood paella
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      Saffron risotto
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      Prawn and scallop risotto
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      True Italian porcini mushroom risotto
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