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    A whole chicken is rubbed inside and out with dried herbs, then roasted with lemon and olive. Simple but very delicious.

    Recipe by: barbzal

    500 reviews

    A slow cooked silverside joint of beef that's delicious served with roasted vegetables and lots of mash and gravy.

    Recipe by: Teresa

    8 reviews

    Beautifully tender pork loin and thyme served with a cider sauce.

    Recipe by: Dawninfrance

    93 reviews

    I like to cook potatoes in the tin around the roast and make a gravy using the juices. The only other thing you need is some fresh veg for a fantastic Sunday lunch with the minimum of fuss.

    Recipe by: MBENHAM

    27 reviews

    These roasties are lovely and crispy, perfect for all roast dinners. The tumeric gives a nice colour, but it isn't important for the taste.

    Recipe by: MARLENE28

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    • videoTitle
      Roast parsnips
    • videoTitle
      Roast turkey
    • videoTitle
      Spice crusted roast rack of lamb with coriander and mint sauce
    • videoTitle
      Warm roasted root vegetable salad
    • videoTitle
      Roasted vegetable quinoa salad
    • videoTitle
      Roasted vegetable couscous
    • videoTitle
      Roasted tomato soup
    • videoTitle
      Roasted pumpkin seeds
    • videoTitle
      Roast pork roulade
    • videoTitle
      Rosemary and lemon roast chicken
    • videoTitle
      Roast leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary
    • videoTitle
      Roast goose with hazelnut, apple and wild rice stuffing
    • videoTitle
      Red potato roasties with rosemary
    • videoTitle
      Poussin Bonaparte
    • videoTitle
      Honey glazed ham
    • videoTitle
      Christmas roast leg of pork
    • videoTitle
      Maple roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon
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