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Simple and delicious snacks that require just two ingredients to make! Puff pastry is rolled with cinnamon sugar, sliced and baked. For best results, use the highest quality butter puff pastry you can find.

Recipe by: amycool101


Using readymade all-butter frozen puff pastry allows you to make these delicate French pasties in a flash! Delicious served with stewed fruit and ice cream.

Recipe by: pip


My sister loves meringues and she has tried many recipes but something always went wrong for her! I eventually gave her mine and she claims it's fool proof. So here it is!

Recipe by: Anizou

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To put me in the mood for Christmas, I wanted to make these traditional Christmas biscuits from Alsace. The scent of cinnamon is sure to make your house smell like Christmas!

Recipe by: Maybe

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Light and delicate French macaroons, or macarons - are impressive, deliciously moreish and actually not at all hard to make! This four-in-one recipe takes one macaroon base and turns it into four different flavours - lemon, pistachio, chocolate and strawberry.

Recipe by: sabine

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Macarons are a very picky sort of biscuit. The process itself isn't too difficult, though you need to get just the right amount of everything for these to succeed. I would suggest making in very small batches if you have not tried these before (perhaps a third of the recipe). They are a true test of the ultimate baker. However, once you have mastered it, the end result is worth it and you will be making macarons with ease!

Recipe by: emilysedibles


This classic recipe for Madeleines couldn't be more delicious, or easier to make.

Recipe by: Jenn Hall


These unique biscuits are easy to make, but will surely impress guests. Serve with wine or an aperitif.

Recipe by: AnneFrancoise

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These savoury biscuits are crisp, delicate, buttery and oh-so-cheesy! They are perfect for snacking on, especially as party nibbles.

Recipe by: oOoOLivOoOo

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These thin French biscuits are very pliable but you'll need to drape them over a rolling pin or jar while they are still warm to get the curved shape. It's easier than it sounds and they look so impressive.

Recipe by: Kevin Ryan

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