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Green goddess dressing was popular in the 70s - with it's gorgeous mix of flavours, why not start a revival? This is perfect over crisp and mild lettuce leaves, like romaine or little gem.


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Rumaki is a starter of Hawaiian origin. Recipes vary, and this particular variation is easy and delicious - just like traditional Rumaki minus the chicken liver.

Recipe by: Monica Johnson


These are easy wings that your guests will love. Try your own variations with other chilli sauces, spices or peppers. Serve with celery sticks and Stilton cheese.

Recipe by: ECARLEY


These devilled eggs are perfectly spiced with a bit of a Cajun-inspired kick. You can also use a Cajun seasoning blend in this recipe.

Recipe by: Denyse


Egg Foo Yung is a Chinese-American omelette dish that dates back to at least the 1930s. In this version, vegetables and prawns are combined with beaten eggs then fried and shaped into small bites. Served with a thick sauce made with chicken stock and soy sauce.

Recipe by: Kimber


This is a traditional dish in the American South. Okra is dredged in seasoned polenta, then fried until golden. Worth a try if you can find fresh okra.

Recipe by: Linda Martin


This is a traditional raw tuna salad served in most Hawaiian homes. Although unconventional, it is sure to please the more adventurous of seafood lovers. Be sure to use fresh, sushi grade tuna for best results.

Recipe by: Josh Chan

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Smoked salmon, tomato and onion make up this refreshing salad. Sometimes the salmon is salty enough; taste it first before adding any salt.

Recipe by: SAXONY

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This recipe is rich and delicious. Use fresh lobster and serve hot, over buttered toast slices. An elegant starter for a dinner party.

Recipe by: PATTY5


The original recipe of his American shellfish classic was created in New Orleans. This is my version. Freshly cooked oysters are topped with a spinach, bacon, breadcrumbs and Pernod, then placed on a bed of coarse salt and lightly grilled before serving immediately. These are very impressive!

Recipe by: Barrett

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