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A flavourful and unique stuffing featuring both sausage and tinned oysters. Chicken stock, beer or water can be used in place of turkey stock.

Recipe by: Stephanie

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This is one of my favourite easy-to-make Indian recipes. Although I try to make it the best as I can, my gran is THE BEST at this... the smell of which reminds me of my school days!

Recipe by: Vaish

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Matzo meal is combined with beaten egg, pareve margarine, salt and water. Shape into balls, then cook in your favourite chicken soup.

Recipe by: Janine

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This recipe is handed down from my mum's mum. This is NOT a dessert (not sweet), but more like a 'quick bread' for the Chinese. This 'cake' is usually made and eaten during the Chinese New Year or its slices are usually found all year round as dim sum in Chinese restaurants. This cake can be kept for 1 week in the fridge (but usually it's finished within a day!!)

Recipe by: Carol, Chung Chi Wa

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Makes a nice savory Kosher side dish!

Recipe by: NIBLETS

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An easy to make delicious potato salad which is best served chilled

Recipe by: poodle1977

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The distinctiveness of this turkey stuffing comes from the orange liqueur, spicy Italian sausage, apples and pecans. It's also very easy to prepare. This stuffing recipe makes enough to stuff one 9 to 10kg bird. If you prefer, this stuffing can be made with thyme instead of sage.

Recipe by: Joan

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A traditional stuffing that makes enough stuffing for a large bird. Add your favourite herbs, if desired, such as sage or thyme to make this basic stuffing your own.

Recipe by: Debbie Thomas

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This recipe is commonly found as a side dish on Southern Indian tables. It's a spicy mixture of lentils and semolina. The texture is extremely soft and spongy in texture.

Recipe by: SUSMITA

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These fries are absolutely divine. They are seasoned with lime juice, garlic, chillies and mustard before being baked until crispy. You can also use this recipe to make delectable potato wedges, if you prefer.

Recipe by: amanda1432

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