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Chai tea is a lightly spiced, milky tea that is very popular in India and in trendy coffee shops! Serve hot or over ice.

Recipe by: Heather

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A simple, yet delicious bruschetta recipe. Slices of ciabatta are topped with a mixture of tomatoes and herbs, before being toasted in the oven. Serve as an appetiser, finger food or as a side dish.

Recipe by: Alison

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An appetiser that will knock the socks of any guest. Baguette slices are grilled and then topped with the flavours of the Mediterranean - tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar and mozzarella.

Recipe by: Laurie Thompson

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A great way of using up leftover pumpkin bread. Fresh herbs are the stars of this mushroom stuffing. Serve alongside a roast dinner. It will also go well for Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner.

Recipe by: Ibby

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Chipped potatoes in chicken stock and herbs. Crispy and slightly blackened on the outside but moist and fluffy inside. Not strictly chips as no deep frying involved, but . . . what you gonna do about it?

Recipe by: Camembert-it.

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This simple recipe is easy to create and is a pleasure to taste. The nettles that grow in the Abbey in the early spring come in to good use when making this dish but one has to be careful not get stung while picking them. With a multitude of health benefits, the recipe is cheap and can last for a couple of days.

Recipe by: friarbeetroot

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You'll probably always have these ingredients at hand so this is an easy dressing for anytime of the year.

Recipe by: nisacke

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My take on a cinnamon swirl in perfect bite size pieces.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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Cinnamon rolls for the lazy baker. Go easy on yourself and use shop bought puff pasty for minimum effort and maximum output.

Recipe by: calarie182

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This warm, aromatic punch is perfect for entertaining and will fill your home with the most delicious smell. A great twist on traditional mulled wine. For a non-alcoholic version, use 1L red grape juice.

Recipe by: Ceres

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