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Great for serving to children or designated drivers at Christmas time, New Year's Eve or parties.

Recipe by: Mary48


This contains three different fruit juices - use your imagination to come up with different combinations!

Recipe by: Blair

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A fruity alcohol-free punch which we make for every children's birthday party.

Recipe by: Hanni

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A delicious, comforting and moreish soup, great for cold days! To make it vegan, just use vegetable stock rather than chicken stock.

Recipe by: Keri


I like making desserts with oat bran. I added some other ingredients like muesli, honey and a scoop of whey protein powder, and it turned out both a great dessert and meal replacer. You can rearrange the measures in this recipe to suit your taste.

Recipe by: prashtilova

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This is very refreshing, non-alcoholic punch and so easy to put together for a party, summer barbecue or wedding.

Recipe by: VAL_51

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it is soooooooooo easy and yummy

Recipe by: sarah.c.

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Here is how to make the perfect bread pudding, great for the little ones to get digging in with experience! Very easy, and only takes about 30 minutes to bake.

Recipe by: iEpic-Cooker

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These Greek-style wraps are perfect to serve at a vegetarian lunch.

Recipe by: Jan Cutler


A traditional pudding from West Sussex. Add sultanas or raisins to the filling to make Kentish Puddle Pudding. Warning: don't eat this if you're on a diet!

Recipe by: aok666

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