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An incredibly easy way to round off a dinner party - but only if they aren't driving! I like to serve two small scoops in tiny dishes with shortbread, biscotti or amaretti. You can vary this any way you like - try Cointreau or Drambuie (my favourite), or add a few drops of real vanilla extract or some of the vanilla seeds.

Recipe by: SARAHEMM

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Mulled cranberry juice, like mulled wine, is a winter tradition in my home. This warm, comforting drink is easy to prepare and is great for Christmastime.


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It came from my auntie's friends grandma that lives in Rome.

Recipe by: nad828

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It is a recipe given to me some years ago by a friend when we were chatting about using up left over turkey. I usually serve it with pickled red cabbage (shop bought), and crispbreads.

Recipe by: Ennill

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Use thumb and point of knife to crimp edge of pie into a scalloped pattern. Crisp and light shortcrust pastry tops a mixture of richly flavoured meats in this all-time classic winter dish. Be sure to cook the filling slowly and thoroughly to allow the different flavours to intermingle. SERVES 4

Recipe by: Missbubbles230799

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Amazing, Turkish delight flavoured, pink coloured vodka. Takes 2 weeks to make but so-o-o-o worth it!

Recipe by: alliballibee

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We serve this at our "Hair of the Dog" party on New Year's Day. It's a fantastically warming punch scented with cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, chilli and orange. You can spike it with whisky, brandy or your favourite spirit.

Recipe by: HighSpeedMum

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This is a sponge cupcake with pink icing on top. It is wonderful and yummy, and this makes 18 cupcakes!

Recipe by: CassieCupcake

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A closely guarded recipe no longer. This is the best you'll find and I could not keep it to myself anymore. I am hoping my stay in Purgatory will be reduced as a result. Probably the best party drink. Make it in a bucket (or jug if you're posh) and let your guests help themselves. Sweet and delicious it will soon disappear. Easily doubled, trebled or quadrupled! If you haven't got these ingredients, by all means experiment.

Recipe by: EddieGib

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After learning that the Cosmopolitan cocktail, a supposed 'ally' of the weight watcher, was in fact more foe than friend, I set about the task of creating a much less sinful, yet equally indulgent alternative. The skosmopolitan contains barely half the calories of your standard Cosmo, and if you ask me . . . tastes just as good. By my calculations this baby will set you back around 75 calories per serving.

Recipe by: thescoffingcow

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