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Fiery ginger combines with icy vodka, and is then topped with champagne for good measure. Use good quality champagne for best results.

Recipe by: Genevieve

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Digestives for the base, then cream, cocoa powder, chocolate, cream cheese and baileys for the top.

Recipe by: OrlaK

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A variation on the Woo Woo, which I first tried in St Lucia on holiday. The most moreish alcoholic drink I've tried. You can play around with the quantities of vodka, peach schnappes and juice to suit your own tastebuds and tolerance for alcohol!

Recipe by: StumpyDav

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Beer Dogs in a slow cooker.

Recipe by: angel999

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A tasty tea-time treat.

Recipe by: deriboy

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This is a sponge cupcake with pink icing on top. It is wonderful and yummy, and this makes 18 cupcakes!

Recipe by: CassieCupcake

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Get fruity with this exotic cocktail this Valentine's Day. Garnish with pomegranate pips and blueberries.

Recipe by: Admin

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After learning that the Cosmopolitan cocktail, a supposed 'ally' of the weight watcher, was in fact more foe than friend, I set about the task of creating a much less sinful, yet equally indulgent alternative. The skosmopolitan contains barely half the calories of your standard Cosmo, and if you ask me . . . tastes just as good. By my calculations this baby will set you back around 75 calories per serving.

Recipe by: thescoffingcow

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I am allergic to dairy but LOVE panna cotta. The answer? A gorgeous panna cotta made with coconut cream. This is such an easy pud to make, and really pretty served in individual glasses. The texture is fabulously light and creamy.

Recipe by: Diana

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This chocolate tart tastes lovely! Grated beetroot is added to a chocolate custard and baked in a shortcrust pastry case.

Recipe by: Deecee

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