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An exciting array of easily accessible ingredients is mixed together into a delicious sauce for a barbecue party! Beef, chicken, pork - whatever you're barbecuing, this sauce will bring out great flavours.

Recipe by: GINA LYNNE

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This is a very versatile Indian curry sauce that can be served as a main course with meats and/or vegetables or as a sauce for dipping or to spice up veggie side dishes. It's great on a jacket potato.

Recipe by: Amy

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A custard pie that's best served chilled.

Recipe by: Danielle

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A strong cocktail that'll blow away the cobwebs! It's whisky, peach schnapps and rum mixed with orage and cranberry juice.

Recipe by: darker.solace

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Jamaican goat curry is a national dish. Shows the Indian influence in Jamaica. Tasty served with rice and peas and fried plantain.

Recipe by: SloeWolf

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A fondant style petit four icing that can be easily coloured or flavoured. Pour over petits fours, and then decorate them with nuts, candied fruit or coconut.

Recipe by: courtney

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This recipe is handed down from my mum's mum. This is NOT a dessert (not sweet), but more like a 'quick bread' for the Chinese. This 'cake' is usually made and eaten during the Chinese New Year or its slices are usually found all year round as dim sum in Chinese restaurants. This cake can be kept for 1 week in the fridge (but usually it's finished within a day!!)

Recipe by: Carol, Chung Chi Wa

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Bullys Restaurant on Cardiff Road offers an exciting dining experience. On the menu is selection of mouth watering cuisine cooked by Chef Nordine Zouaoui using a fusion of French and Welsh ingredients

Recipe by: nordine

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This is a popular Catalan garlic sauce that goes very well with grilled meat and roasted pepper and aubergine (Escalivada). I have seen many spellings for this (i.e. alioli, aioli...) but the real name is "All i Oli" - from the Catalan for Garlic and Oil - and these 2 are the only ingredients although there are variations and some places add egg to ensure the consistency of the sauce, which with our without egg should look like mayonnaise.

Recipe by: Aureli

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Digestives for the base, then cream, cocoa powder, chocolate, cream cheese and baileys for the top.

Recipe by: OrlaK

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