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A favourite at our house - a yummy rich goulash minus the meat. Serve with rice, pasta or potatoes. You can substitute the Quorn for tofu that's been shallow fried or sliced mushrooms. Hope you enjoy!

Recipe by: BUTTERCUP8


Okay, sounds crazy but it's delicious! Try it and see. I find that cut up bananas work better than mashed.

Recipe by: MISS0MUFFIN

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This is a quick and easy snack to make. It's great for kids or the kid in you. A jam sandwich is soaked in sweetened egg and pan-fried to perfection.

Recipe by: 20-lg-08

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Chicken is marinated in olive oil, vermouth and fresh tarragon before grilling, pan frying or barbecuing.

Recipe by: Alison L. Hansan

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The British have always relished sweet-sour flavour combinations, and the vibrant mixture of beetroot and rhubarb provides just that.

Recipe by: Chrissie Lloyd

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Chicken stcok, beer or water can be used in place of turkey stock.

Recipe by: Stephanie


Day old soda bread farls are ideal for frying. These taste great with a slice of grilled bacon, fried cherry tomatoes and a poached egg on top. These are also an essential ingredients in an Ulster fry!

Recipe by: Ita


Invented by a friend and I while very drunk after a midweek afternoon pool tournament. I somehow had the where-with-all to write it down. I reckon it'd work well with swordfish but I've never tried it.

Recipe by: HaywoodManley


This is a traditional Norwegian potato pancake. We eat ours with butter and sugar.

Recipe by: DEBBA7


This polenta pancake has its roots in Native American cuisine, and has been called loads of names over the years - hoecakes, Shawnee cakes and ashcakes, just to name a few. Serve hot with honey and butter for a unique breakfast treat.

Recipe by: Kevin Ryan

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