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These yummy cookies are quick and easy. The flavours of maple and walnut go so well together. You could use pecans, too.

Recipe by: QueenC

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These cookies are absolutely delicious! They are soft, chewy and packed full of maple-syrupy goodness. Enjoy anytime of the day.

Recipe by: Debbie Rowe

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Very easy to make chocolate cookies, which are studded with chocolate and have a touch of peppermint flavour. These are highly addictive! Pure bliss for those who love the combination of mint and chocolate.

Recipe by: GIBBONSS3

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Chocolate cookies are studded with chocolate chips, then rolled in icing sugar before baking. The result is a crinkle effect, which looks gorgeous. But these are also soft, chewy and taste heavenly!

Recipe by: Walt

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A must try cookie for all those who love coffee. These chocolate cookies are very decadent, and get real coffee flavour from ground espresso beans. Can be made with or without the nuts.

Recipe by: Suzanne

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These cookies are chewy, sweet and oh-so-moreish. They are flavoured with coconut, oats, pecans and jelly drops. Enjoy with a big mug of tea or coffee.

Recipe by: Sallie

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These little biscuits always puff up nicely and look beautiful. Add the food colouring of your choice depending on who you're making them for!

Recipe by: Brenda

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If you're feeling generous - these biscuits make a lovely after-school treat for the kids. Even better if they help you make them.

Recipe by: Melanie

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These are made with vegetable oil instead of butter which makes them alot easier to mix.

Recipe by: Emily

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My kids think these biscuits look like a cat's tongue - hence the name! I like to serve them with ice cream but they're good on their own. They cook quickly, so keep an eye on them while they bake.

Recipe by: mimichette

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