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This recipe hails from North India. My mum uses just the right amount of spices to suit all. They're great as a main, sandwich filler or for picnics. Leftovers can be frozen.

Recipe by: Umaima Shafiq

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Masoor dhal are red lentils and this spicy red lentil dish can be enjoyed as a starter, or as a main with rice or naan.

Recipe by: Rachel

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Mensaf is the national dish of Jordan. It is made on special occasions and traditionally eaten with your hands. It's hard to find the whey needed to make 'real' mensaf. It comes in a rocklike form and is diluted and used in place of the jameed in this recipe. Even without it, this recipe comes close to the real thing. Spices, onions, garlic and butter can also be added to season the goat milk sauce.

Recipe by: Nova

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hmm...its one of the most famous...common accompaniments in most gujrati households...the recipe is a tried and tested one...and seems to have worked for novice..and pros have a go!

Recipe by: kinz

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This is a classic Andhra preparation. Typical greens to use are thotakoora (amaranth) and spinach (palak koora). Serve with rice and Majjiga Pulusu (buttermilk pulusu) or Menthi Majjiga (buttermilk with fenugreek).

Recipe by: SUSMITA

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The first time I tried this curry was at a friend's house in Delhi. I absolutely loved it. It's simple and can be eaten as an everyday curry. Serve it with plain rice and/or a flat bread, such as naan or roti.

Recipe by: SUSMITA

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This is a classic celebration dish in south India. You can think of it as a south Indian khichdi (lentils and rice). Split yellow lentils are cooked with rice, cashews, chillies, cumin, mustard seeds, asafoetida, turmeric and coconut.

Recipe by: SUSMITA

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Fenugreek is an acquired taste. You either love it or hate it. I absolutely love it. It has an astringent flavour, with a hint of bitterness that some people find too strong. I love pairing fenugreek with chicken.

Recipe by: SUSMITA

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Rajma is comfort food at its best. I like rajma best with simple jeera rice. When I was in university, I ate rajma at least once a week. Cheap, nutritious and comforting.

Recipe by: SUSMITA

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An authentic Indian dessert made by curdling milk with lime juice, collecting and pressing the curds into balls and cooking them in a sugar syrup. They are super-easy to make and exceptionally delicious.

Recipe by: SUSMITA

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