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A spicy, slightly wet, red seasoning paste made with achiote seeds (or paprika), lemon juice, tequila, chilli peppers, cumin, cloves and other spices. Typically this paste is used as a rub for meats or chicken before roasting or placing on the barbecue, however it can also be used in stews or chilli.

Recipe by: AbsolutGillian

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A mixture of spices and a little cornflour for thickening, that closely resembles the packaged taco spice sachets you might find in the supermarket. There is no salt in this mixture.

Recipe by: PNCHANDRA

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The southwestern section of the Unites States (particularly Arizona and New Mexico) utilise many unique flavours and spices. Chillies, Mexican oregano and cumin (cumino) are a normal part of much of our cooking. Surprisingly to some, even cocoa and cinnamon find their way into our everyday dishes as well. Here is the house blend we use on the ranch to season...well, most everything!

Recipe by: WileyP

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Once you know how to blend your own easy taco spice, you will never go back to shop bought. Making your own allows you to play with spiciness and flavours until you get it perfect for your eaters.

Recipe by: Raven

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We enjoy this simple salsa verde with grilled fish or simply on top of cheese and toast. You can make it in advance and it keeps well on the fridge for a few days.

Recipe by: vegmonster

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Spicy and sweet stew in Mexican style. Great for midweek dinner. Packed full of flavour, quick and comforting.

Recipe by: kuchareczka42

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This is a more authentic Mexican enchilada sauce that doesn't contain tomatoes. Onion and garlic are sauteed with cumin, cinnamon and chilli powder, then simmered with chicken stock.

Recipe by: Anna Marie

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