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Don't be afraid of the salt marinade - it makes the skin crispy and the flesh unbelievably sweet. You can add a variety of dried or fresh herbs to the sea salt whilst marinading for extra flavour. Lemon or orange zest also work a treat.

Recipe by: Studebaker

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Forget chicken wings, we like to joint a whole chicken then cover it in a sticky glaze and cook it on the barbecue.

Recipe by: MDavies

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I must confess that I’m not a natural barbecuer. Generally speaking, I have an annoying propensity for cremating everything I place on a braai and my Weber has been collecting dust in the garage for years. This particular recipe is, however, just so damn tasty I just can’t resist the urge to wheel out my long forgotten BBQ! I can’t get enough of the combination of the lime and braai sauce, so much so, I could happily eat the whole chicken on my own – burnt or not! This simple recipe is my very own barbecue-bliss. Enjoy.

Recipe by: themuddledpantry

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Cooking on the BBQ requires little preparation and effort as it imparts loads of flavour on its own. These barbecued chicken legs exemplify how easy it is to cook something simple and delicious on the BBQ. Just olive oil, dried herbs, salt and pepper is all you need!

Recipe by: Ambre

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Gives chicken a whole new flavour with a sticky sweet glaze. Serve alongside a nice crisp salad for a complete meal.

Recipe by: JenniferMylan

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These sticky sauce chicken drumsticks are glazed with barbecue sauce and then cooked on the barbecue. The kids love them!

Recipe by: RobCan

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For this lovely chicken marinade, leave it overnight to bring out all of the flavours for best results. But if you're pressed for time, marinating shortly before cooking the chicken works well also. Enjoy!

Recipe by: emmie88

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A south-western-style spicy, citrus marinade for chicken breasts. I like to make a salad for lunch the next day with any chicken leftovers.

Recipe by: Lily'sMama

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Called shoyu chicken, this is a popular chicken dish on the islands of Hawaii. Succulent chicken thighs are marinated in a sweet soy sauce and barbecued. Excellent with steamed rice.

Recipe by: The Big E

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These American style barbecue teriyaki chicken wings are sticky and sweet, perfect as a finger-licking starter or alongside a salad.

Recipe by: Caroline

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