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Spicy Indian keema with beef and pork mince, spices, spinach and peas. Serve with hard boiled eggs and naan bread or chapati.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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This recipe can be halved or doubled without trouble. I use Durban curry powder that was brought back from SA but you can use Madras curry powder much to the same effect. If you don't want a particularly hot curry, then chop the Chillis into large pieces and take them out after cooking.

Recipe by: MatArmett

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Turn beef mince into something effortlessly delicious with this authentic keema curry recipe. Easy to find Indian spices make this dish full of flavour, and the addition of potatoes and peas makes it a hearty curry. Serve simply with rice or naan.

Recipe by: The Meatetarian

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I made this with what I had in the cupboard at the last minute; was going to make chilli, then thought I'd make a curry. Turned out great, if I say so myself!

Recipe by: debsmth9

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This tasty keema recipe has been a family favourite ever since I discovered it when raising my eldest son and I had little time to cook. It's low fat, healthy, child friendly, quick to make and it freezes well.

Recipe by: Annalie

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A delicious Japanese curry dish, made by simmering beef meatballs with onions, carrots, potatoes in a Japanese curry sauce. Serve with freshly cooked white rice.

Recipe by: tonytsang

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A mild sweet South African curry dish I've jazzed up. Beef mince is cooked with fruit and savory spices.

Recipe by: vinnyt

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Turn simple minced meat into something brilliant in five easy steps, with plenty of control to make it as mild or as spicy as you want. This keema recipe will work with almost any minced meat, including lamb, chicken, turkey or, of course, beef.

Recipe by: MartynCoup

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This mellow curry has just a hint of chilli, so it's ideal for children who like to be a little adventurous with their food. Serve with steamed basmati rice and warm naan bread.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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