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This is a delicious and simple vegetarian pasta dish. Use your favourite blue cheese -- I always use Danish blue as I'm a lover of strong flavours. Use spinach fettucine if you like!

Recipe by: rua

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This is my recipe for the kids' favourite. Try adding anything from bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes or onions.

Recipe by: I. Gould

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A lovely meal that every one will love!! This macaroni cheese serves four as a main, or five to six as a side.

Recipe by: MissAJ666

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This recipe uses less milk and no thickener whatsoever! Very cheesy, too! You can either serve it from the pot, or top with buttered breadcrumbs and put in a 180 / Gas 4 oven to brown for half an hour, but we like ours fine without.


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A quick and easy adaptation of a non-vegetarian recipe. And it's still flavoursome! If you can't get chopped tinned tomatoes with garlic and onion - look for a chunky pasta sauce for a substitute OR add your own fresh onion & garlic.

Recipe by: PetiteMiam

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This dinner is quick and easy but tastes gourmet!

Recipe by: Amber

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A quick and cheap pasta dish! Toss a quick salad of mixed lettuce leaves to go with and you're done.

Recipe by: Keri

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Delicious family recipe my mum made and then taught me, so easy to cook and very cheap ideal for families and students,s etc. Perfect winter warmer.

Recipe by: cardiff28

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A delicious creamy pasta bake to which you can add almost anything. Try adding green veg like frozen peas or chopped broccoli.

Recipe by: cherrycakes

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This budget recipe is very easy to cook.

Recipe by: J.R. Jackson

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