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A chicken and rice stew that could also be a soup if you use less rice, with optional vegetables. A filling meal to fill 4 bellies up!

Recipe by: fifiangel

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This recipe makes my favourite chicken dish. Chicken, peppers, mushrooms, olives and rice are simmered together, until cooked. The addition of green olives, adds a special depth of flavour that is hard to explain.


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I was given this recipe a little while back and it's become a family favourite. The sweet and sticky sauce goes incredibly well with the chicken and rice. Absolutely superb!

Recipe by: ashley

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Mildly spicy Cajun dish with rice, chicken and smoked chorizo slices. Quick and easy to make with minimal washing up.

Recipe by: Áine

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This casserole has lots of flavour and is colourful. Easy to make for yourself or for a dinner party with your friends.

Recipe by: verlayla

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A Mexican-inspired casserole dish, made by baking together rice, chicken, courgette, mushrooms, black beans, chillies and cheese. It's a delicious one pot meal.

Recipe by: LYSLW

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A simple and delicious chicken casserole, which has comfort food written all over it. Chicken is baked with brown rice, raisins, curry powder, tomatoes and chicken stock. Perfect for the cold winter months.

Recipe by: ISYBEL

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This recipe will make enough to feed an army. It's freezer friendly, which is great if you don't have an army to feed. Chicken is baked with bacon, ham, prawns, sausage and rice in a tomato-based chicken stock. It's fantastic for the cold winter months.

Recipe by: Christine

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A deliciously hearty casserole, made by baking together chicken, turkey sausagemeat, prawns, tomatoes and rice. It's the perfect meal in one dish. Great to keep you warm through the cold winter months.

Recipe by: GAP

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