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Chocolate cookies with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate chips with a bit of added chocolate for good measure.

Recipe by: Mitch1207

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These chocolate chip cookies are a little different than others, and benefit from a hint of honey flavour.

Recipe by: NutellaChef

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This is a versatile recipe that has been an absolute hit with everyone. My hubby loves the biscuits with the plain chocolate chips whilst I love the chocolate cookies with the 'energy mix'. The great thing is that you get two varieties of cookies from one easy recipe. A sure hit with everyone!

Recipe by: karrimebub

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Delicious chocolate chip cookies with a vanilla and dark chocolate marble effect. The vanilla dough is studded with chocolate chips; the chocolate dough is flavoured with almond extract.

Recipe by: adamliveshere

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Effortless chocolate cookies! Once you make the cookie dough and chill it, these are just sliced and baked.

Recipe by: Baje

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Red velvet cookies dotted with chocolate chips are perfect for Christmas gifts or Valentine's Day! I really recommend chilling the dough - it really does make a difference in the texture of this cookie. You can dip the cookies in white chocolate or use a combination of both white and dark chocolate chips for a contrast in colour. If chilled overnight, remove dough from refrigerator about 30 minutes before working with it.

Recipe by: Chef V

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This biscotti recipe is a little different than others. It will give you a soft biscotti. It will make a wonderful addition to your biscuit plate, when served with tea or coffee.

Recipe by: BLUIIS

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Soft and chewy Nutella® chocolate chip cookies. Loaded with dark chocolate chips and a creamy Nutella® centre. These cookies will melt in your mouth!

Recipe by: Patitam902

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These cookies are a great alternative to the classic birthday cakes. Each cookie is 15 inches in diameter and jam packed with chocolate chunks and walnuts.

Recipe by: Rosina

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The wonderful flavour combination of chocolate and banana are brought together in these delicious cookies. They are soft, cake-like cookies with a fantastic flavour.

Recipe by: Evelyn Brown

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