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Chocolate cookies with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate chips with a bit of added chocolate for good measure.

Recipe by: Mitch1207

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These chocolate chip cookies are a little different than others, and benefit from a hint of honey flavour.

Recipe by: NutellaChef

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This biscotti recipe is a little different than others. It will give you a soft biscotti. It will make a wonderful addition to your biscuit plate, when served with tea or coffee.

Recipe by: BLUIIS

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This is a versatile recipe that has been an absolute hit with everyone. My hubby loves the biscuits with the plain chocolate chips whilst I love the chocolate cookies with the 'energy mix'. The great thing is that you get two varieties of cookies from one easy recipe. A sure hit with everyone!

Recipe by: karrimebub

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Delicious chocolate chip cookies with a vanilla and dark chocolate marble effect. The vanilla dough is studded with chocolate chips; the chocolate dough is flavoured with almond extract.

Recipe by: adamliveshere

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Effortless chocolate cookies! Once you make the cookie dough and chill it, these are just sliced and baked.

Recipe by: Baje

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Soft and chewy Nutella® chocolate chip cookies. Loaded with dark chocolate chips and a creamy Nutella® centre. These cookies will melt in your mouth!

Recipe by: Patitam902

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These cookies are a great alternative to the classic birthday cakes. Each cookie is 15 inches in diameter and jam packed with chocolate chunks and walnuts.

Recipe by: Rosina

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The wonderful flavour combination of chocolate and banana are brought together in these delicious cookies. They are soft, cake-like cookies with a fantastic flavour.

Recipe by: Evelyn Brown

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These soft cookies are easy to make and incredibly moreish. They are flavoured with banana, peanut butter and chocolate chips. For the best flavour, use the ripest bananas you have lying around.

Recipe by: GODGIFU

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