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The best vegan cookies I have ever eaten! I found this recipe online and modified it a bit and... wow! My friends with dairy or egg allergies and even those without any at all come to munch on these cookies when they are baked. Some of the ingredients are quite specific, eg flax meal and molasses, but I promise it is an investment in delicious cookies. You can mix up the chocolate for dried fruit, etc., but I recommend chocolate, yum!

Recipe by: Katie_May_Kress

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These cookies have a crumbly shortbread style texture and are egg-free, perfect if you're out of eggs but have a cookie craving! They are not overly sweet, but the golden syrup and brown sugar gives them a lovely hint of caramel. You can add any chocolate you prefer; I have tried crushed mini eggs at Easter, dark chocolate chips, and my family's favourite of milk chocolate chopped into fairly large chunks :D Really hope you enjoy these as much as we do! You should get nine cookies out of this dough.

Recipe by: lily5381

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Lovely, tasty cookies that go down as soon as they're cooled. My brother loves them. If you want flat cookies, flatten them to about 1cm thick.

Recipe by: lmward

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These cookies are super tasty and great for allergy sufferers or simply for days when you crave cookies but are out of eggs!

Recipe by: daisycharlo

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Easy chewy chocolate chip cookies without egg! You can use dark, milk or white chocolate, or a mixture!

Recipe by: Bakinggirl93

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Especially for chocolate chip lovin' kids out there, who can't have eggs or nuts!


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Soft and chewy cookies with crunchy Smarties and egg free too. You can use chocolate chips is your prefer :)

Recipe by: twinkle_toesxxx

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This chocolate chip cookie recipe uses yoghurt instead of eggs. It's perfect for birthday parties if you're worried about some kids having an allergy to eggs. They turn out nice and crisp with a terrific flavour; easy to make, too.

Recipe by: Kim Chin

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These egg-free cookies are absolutely awesome. They taste a little like gingerbread with chocolate chips and raisins. Enjoy with a big mug of tea or coffee.

Recipe by: LAURE2

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I developed a dairy free, gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe. This updated classic is one of my favourites.

Recipe by: elanaspantry

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