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A whole garlic bulb is lovingly roasted then mashed and added to this gorgeous roasted Brussels sprouts dish. Enjoy converting anyone who says they don't like Brussels sprouts this Christmas Day!

Recipe by: ingrid1031

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Gloriously crispy, cheesy wedges of Brie with cranberry sauce for dipping. A great use of leftover cranberry sauce. Forget the diet, forget the calorie counting, this starter or appetiser provides what the brain and body demand - a taste fest!

Recipe by: DQ

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This fruity pineapple stuffing breaks away from the norm and enters delicious new realms! The flavours of this stuffing are best paired with roast ham, so why not give this a try for a special occasion such as Christmas?

Recipe by: BBHEALY

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I guarantee that you will receive rave reviews at your Christmas dinner with this roast turkey recipe! Garnish with fresh thyme, rosemary and bay leaf. Use your favourite sausage stuffing for this recipe.

Recipe by: Stacy M. Polcyn

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A very simple glazed ham that uses a mixture of fresh orange juice and honey. Perfect for Easter or Christmas.

Recipe by: SARA R

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My family have opted for a turkey crown instead of a whole roast turkey at Christmas, as it's smaller, more manageable and leaves room for lots of delicious trimmings. This is a turkey crown roasted with a simple orange marmalade glaze that's absolutely delicious!

Recipe by: mrsnorris

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Glaze ham with a shortcut glaze of soft brown sugar with orange and passion fruit energy drink - perfect for a special occasion.

Recipe by: EQ8

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An ideal stuffing for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. An ideal stuffing for cooking inside a bird of your choice (e.g. turkey) or separately in a baking dish.

Recipe by: Patti

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The flavour of cranberries is paired perfectly with the pork in this delicious stuffing, ideal for special occasions like Christmas. This stuffing can be cooked in its own dish or used to stuff the bird.

Recipe by: CJ Hamilton

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This stuffing was created by accident one year when we realised that we did not have enough breadcrumbs to make a proper stuffing. We decided to add some wild rice to our usual recipe to bulk it up in place of the bread, and hey presto, this delicious recipe was born!

Recipe by: Christy Zahorchak

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