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This is a very tasty seafood recipe, easy to wipe up. It is a bit fishy though and if like you can tone it down by adding water instead of fish stock. But I personally think its better with the stock.

Recipe by: volos

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A great fish pie that everyone can get stuck into. A tasty mix of prawns, crab and sustainable white fish.

Recipe by: seafoodandeatit

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This is my 'quick get dinner on the table' fish pie for my hungry family of six. With little time to make a traditional fish pie, this hits the spot and even though it takes almost an hour all in all, it gives us time to get on with other things like unpacking the school bags and starting on the homework. Perfect!

Recipe by: Emily


Fish and leek pie recipe, a wholesome family meal. A combination of fish, prawns and veg makes for a tasty pie.

Recipe by: Flora

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This is a fantastic recipe for showcasing some of the best of what the sea has on offer. This fish pie is hearty, full of flavour and feeds a group of six generously. It tastes fabulous any time of year and is great for feeding a hungry lot.

Recipe by: geneviever

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This is a very cheap and easy fish pie. Serve with peas and parsley sauce and with nice crusty bread.

Recipe by: filmgoing


Catchy name aside, this dream dish was really a delightful accident. Attempting to make fish pie pasties, I ended up with parcels that opened in the oven to form puff pastry bowls. I will be making this again and again - gorgeous!

Recipe by: geneviever

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Sweet fennel and acidic tomatoes, mild potatoes and smoky haddock combine in a savoury fish pie. Serve with wholemeal bread or a leafy green salad.

Recipe by: vickie

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A very special fish pie that is sure to please everyone. The recipe uses a mixture of white fish, seafood and vegetables in a quick white sauce, topped with a golden tumeric potato pastry crust.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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