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Ratatouille - a classic vegetable dish from the south of France that can be enjoyed both cold and warm. You can serve this on its own with crusty bread, for a savoury crepe filling, or with creamy polenta.

Recipe by: Christine

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A stunning ratatouille made of aubergine, a rainbow of peppers and onions. Enjoy warm or cold, with a lot of good crusty bread and cheese.

Recipe by: amissan

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Ratatouille can be eaten warm or cold with all kinds of meat, fish or eggs... Or simply enjoy it on its own with some good crusty bread and a wedge of cheese. You don't have to peel the aubergine or courgette, if desired.

Recipe by: Gilles

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Forget about the tinned stuff loaded with sugar and try this delicious French casserole of veg in a scrumptious thick tomato sauce. Eat it with pasta, rice, baked potato or on its own with crusty bread.

Recipe by: cheekycookie

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This ratatouille always reminds me of good food and sunny weather. Ratatouille is a perfect use of summer veg!

Recipe by: Anizou

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This is a versatile recipe that can top jacket potatoes, fill crêpes, or simply be eaten on its own with good crusty bread.

Recipe by: Rani

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