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These marinated veggies are delicious party nibbles, or you can use them as part of a salad. You can also add olives or cubed feta cheese to this recipe for even more flavour.

Recipe by: Chris

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This pasta sauce is so easy, but doesn't compromise one bit on flavour. Most of the ingredients are blended together in the blender, then added to sautéed onions and simmered for half an hour. Toss with your favourite pasta.

Recipe by: Jackie

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If you can manage to refrain from eating the halloumi straight out of the pan or off the BBQ, then chop it up and throw it in this delicious fresh salad! Enjoy with a chilled glass of white and a good book.

Recipe by: geneviever

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Wondering how to make spaghetti out of courgette? This simple recipe is the only one you'll ever need, explaining how to make courgetti from a spiralizer or a vegetable peeler.

Recipe by: DinnerMomma

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The inspiration for this dish came from two places, an Italian cookbook I was given for Christmas and a multi-layered cake (30 or 40 layers) made during the bake off programme. Quite a simple yet versatile dish made up of three omelettes with a savoury filling between each omelette layer. I am using Mediterranean vegetables for the filling but you can use any selection of vegetable and/or meat. In fact, this is a great recipe for leftover vegetables and left over Sunday roast. Experiment and enjoy. This recipe will serve four.

Recipe by: DorsetJammer

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Passata simmers with garlic and dried basil for a quick and easy basic pasta sauce.

Recipe by: LIAROSE

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Roasted garlic is sweet and luscious, and very spreadable. Serve with good crusty bread or with crackers.

Recipe by: FROGETTE

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A simple way of making your own pumpkin puree. A medium sugar pumpkin is baked in the oven with a little bit of water, until tender. You can then puree it. Use in any recipes that call for pumpkin puree.

Recipe by: Vi

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A super quick breakfast scramble with red onions, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. Serve over hot buttered toast.

Recipe by: CaptainEli

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Ground almonds replace breadcrumbs making these a gluten-free, low carb snack or side dish. Strips of courgette are coated in an almond and Parmesan mixture, then baked until crisp and golden brown.

Recipe by: Chris Ashbach

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