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A great twist on a traditional comfort food.

Recipe by: FURRYBER

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It doesn't get better than this. This is a tried and true macaroni cheese recipe that is simple and easy to make. Kids will adore it, and so will you! Use mild or mature Cheddar based on your family tastes.

Recipe by: Karena

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This recipe is super creamy and healthy. Since nutritional yeast is an acquired taste (especially for non-vegans), you can choose to use as much or as little as you want. If you choose to add just 2 tablespoons, you can barely taste it in the final dish.

Recipe by: ritaturner

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Published so my brother will stop bugging me! You can play around with the quantities to suit.

Recipe by: penny

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This is a macaroni cheese for grown-ups! Use your favourite blue cheese for this recipe - Stilton, Gorgonzola, Danish, Roquefort. The macaroni is tossed in a decadently creamy sauce with blue cheese, Parmesan, yoghurt, and green and red peppers.

Recipe by: sal

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This is an easy and healthy recipe that you can make in just a few minutes for a quick lunch or a snack.

Recipe by: adygil

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Cheesy macaroni with cubed ham and sweetcorn. A cheap meal which is great for families and easy to cook.

Recipe by: Keri

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A lovely meal that every one will love!! This macaroni cheese serves four as a main, or five to six as a side.

Recipe by: MissAJ666

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Macaroni cheese but done a little differently. Just three simple ingredients needed for this comfort food favourite.

Recipe by: JoshuaD

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Mascarpone makes this cheesy pasta extra creamy, and the addition of potato flour means the sauce thickens without using plain flour.

Recipe by: Leslie Kelly

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