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Delicious fruity cake that will keep moist for several days.

Recipe by: BigIssueInTheNorth

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A creamy, thick icing that pipes easily onto cakes or cupcakes.

Recipe by: Tom

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This is a delicious coconut cake recipe which I think will add zest to your day. Try a coconut icing to top it off. Do enjoy!!

Recipe by: Patricia

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This is a light and moist cake that is not too sweet and has a refreshing green tea fragrance. The icing uses cream cheese but has enough sweetness to mask the sour taste. The matcha (green tea) powder gives it a delicate green hue too. This cake can also be baked as a in a 23x33cm (9x13 in) tin or as 2 separate round cakes in two 20cm (8 in) round tins. Adjust baking time accordingly.


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Traditional style Black Forest Cake

Recipe by: Gormal

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I made this carrot cake recipe last Christmas and have to admit: I had 3 big slices myself!

Recipe by: isabel9999robson

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This is our family recipe. It's incredibly rich, dense and moist. Fantastic for a special occasion or whenever you need that chocolaty chocolate fix.

Recipe by: JenniferB

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We made some buns for my daugher's birthday so she and her friends could decorate them. I used the sponge cake rule which basically involves weighing the eggs and then measuring equal measures of butter, sugar and flour. That's why there are no measures in the recipe below - it totally depends on what your eggs weigh. If you want to make chocolate buns, replace 30g of the flour with 30g cocoa powder.

Recipe by: Ita

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I make this cake as stress-relief for my exams (what with you geting to mash it together with your hands!) and I can guarantee that every time you make it it'll come out moist and (close-enough) perfect! I usually sandwich it with jam and chocolate butercream, but for a summer party you can't beat halved strawberries and whipped cream.

Recipe by: FlorenceGreen

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A fun cake for birthdays or a cake sale that looks beautiful. This is a lovely change from the norm.

Recipe by: Julie Dugas

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