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You can add some chocolate chips or raspberries for a bit of variety but these taste lovely on their own, with a cup of black coffee. If you use a flexible silicone mould, no need to butter it.

Recipe by: Anizou

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This cake is traditionally made with almond frangipane but this is a much quicker version that uses apple sauce. It's traditional to insert a charm, such as a penny or a gold ring, and whoever finds it will get good luck but it's completely optional!

Recipe by: Capucine

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Irresistible individual chocolate cakes covered with an delicious sweet-salty caramel sauce. This is only for special occasions because it is very rich but enjoyed by all who taste it.

Recipe by: mimichette

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An incredible chocolate fix! Nutella is the easiest icing in the world - you simply spread it straight from the jar. I decorated these with mini eggs for Easter, but you can use anything you like.


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